Why Persistence Is Important

persistenceWe’ve heard it time and time again never give up on your dream. If you look at the wheels of a vehicle it doesn’t start and stop abruptly if it did we would never arrive at our destination, the wheels begin to turn until they reach a high speed and they keep turning continuously until they reach the destination. In order to get any traction on the road of life, you have to exercise persistence,just as the wheels persistently hit the pavement to get you where you want to go. You may have to change your route but your destination remains the same.

Many times we give up on something without trying hard enough you have to constant and disciplined I was watching a motivational video the other day where the renowned actor Denzel Washington was talking about his rules for success.

What Denzel Washington says in the video is that if you want something in life you have to exercise discipline and consistency it is a powerful video I will leave a link at the end of this blog post. There are and there have been many successful actors, musicians artists who have these two qualities in common. Discipline and consistency go hand in hand, consistency is just another way of saying Persistence.

Discipline allows you to avoid distractions. We struggle with distractions our whole lives. If you could go to the end of your life and look back to see how much time you wasted on video games, movies or doing all around idle things that deviated you from your purpose, how long would it add up to? I have calculated that if you were to spend four hours per day every day playing video games over a period of eighty years you would, in fact, be spending thirteen years of your life playing video games! now is that any way to spend your life?

Consistency and Persistence

Consistency builds confidence in yourself. Also there is power in repetition, this can also be observed in the saying practice makes perfect. People who try something then give up, set themselves up for failure. Moreover, one could argue that they have failed themselves.

Consistency yields mastery, any great person or leader who has attained a high status in life has done it through consistently going at it. Constantly improving, chipping away at themselves until they have sculpted the person that they wanted to become.

When you go behind the scenes and take a look at the hard work and commitment that these individuals go through it is no wonder they have achieved greatness, you must know that the human brain recognizes that things that are repeated are important and it, therefore, makes it a priority to remember these things and over time allows us to get better at them.

Don’t give up now be persistent in your life, it will be worth it in the end. Leave a comment below and let me know was there a time in your life where you see Persistence taking effect? Enjoy your day and remember to persist and stay motivated.

PS: here is the link to the Denzel Washington speech about discipline and consistency hope you enjoy I sure did it’s powerful stuff:

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