time management

Time Management

time managementTime is such a finite thing it ticks by on the clock, drains away like sands in the hourglass and you can never get it back. People ask the question how do you manage your time? The best answer I can give is to live your life like you had one day, time is more precious when you have less of it in fact everything is more precious when you have less. Time is a currency you can only spend once it is up to you what you spend it on. Do you spend it on something of purpose or do you squander it like a lotto winner squanders money?
Organize yourself; if you are spending time on things that are not beneficial to you, you cannot expect to get the same results as the man who is spending his time on something worthwhile. Never give your time to those who don’t deserve it giving away time is like giving away a small part of your life, if you think of it that way I’m sure you will want to spend your time on things that are worthy, when you draw the connection in your mind that life is equal to time and time is equal to life.This realization gives you a greater appreciation for time management because what you are essentially saying is that time management is ┬álife management.
The good thing about living in the twenty-first century is that there are so many tools to help you manage your time, on the other hand, there are a plethora of things out there to waste your time. It is like this old story i think it was a greek story, in the story the hero is on his way to his goals and he stops to have a rest and gets distracted by something and you know that it something magical because that’s what always happens in these stories, anyway he’s there for what feels like a few hours he’s being treated like a king and being tempted to stay. When he finally sets off towards his goal (he almost forgot what his goal was) he finds out that three years has passed, he had been tricked to stray from his goals and he had less time to reach his goals.
Learn from this story procrastination is the flighty thief that robs you of time, you see that in distractions today you tell yourself that you will do it tomorrow and it never gets done. Start managing your time by writing down goals, plan out your day, try to plan the next day the day before in this way you plan out your life.

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