The power of persistence

persistenceIf you have a hole in a dam and you don’t plug it slowly and surely the water eats away the dam until it can flow through it, it might take a hundred years but it will happen. such is the persistent nature of water. We can also learn a thing or two from water (don’t just drink it). the majority of people today when faced with an obstacle as represented by the dam in the above statement. tend to want to give up after only a few tries, but if you learn from water you will realize the more you chip away at an obstacle; the weaker it gets. It is like that saying you kept hearing when you were young; if at first you don’t succeed try, try and try again. In fact giving up is stated as one of the major causes of failure in Napoleon Hill’s book; think and grow rich.

You can never accomplish your dream if you stop halfway, neither can you achieve it if you stop three quarters of the way, you have to be willing to go at it even though things don’t seem to be paying off, you have to have a farmer’s mentality. Have you ever seen a farmer tending to his crops? day in day out he waters them, he gets rid of weeds, he protects it from animals that try to eat the crop, chickens might come and dig up the seeds , goats may eat the young plants, a hurricane might come and destroy the plants.sometimes many of the crops die but he holds out because he sees the end result; food for his family and produce to sell. if he had given up and let the chickens eat all the seeds and the goats eat all the sprouts his family would die of hunger in the future, he had to exercise persistence.

Life seldom gives anyone what they want and even if you think someone has a gold spoon in their mouth, there is always something they want but to get that something we have to hold out, we have to exercise persistence.

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