The power of persistence

persistenceIf you have a hole in a dam and you don’t plug it slow­ly and sure­ly the water eats away the dam until it can flow through it, it might take a hun­dred years but it will hap­pen. such is the per­sis­tent nature of water. We can also learn a thing or two from water (don’t just drink it). the major­i­ty of peo­ple today when faced with an obsta­cle as rep­re­sent­ed by the dam in the above state­ment. tend to want to give up after only a few tries, but if you learn from water you will real­ize the more you chip away at an obsta­cle; the weak­er it gets. It is like that say­ing you kept hear­ing when you were young; if at first you don’t suc­ceed try, try and try again. In fact giv­ing up is stat­ed as one of the major caus­es of fail­ure in Napoleon Hill’s book; think and grow rich.

You can nev­er accom­plish your dream if you stop halfway, nei­ther can you achieve it if you stop three quar­ters of the way, you have to be will­ing to go at it even though things don’t seem to be pay­ing off, you have to have a farmer’s men­tal­i­ty. Have you ever seen a farmer tend­ing to his crops? day in day out he waters them, he gets rid of weeds, he pro­tects it from ani­mals that try to eat the crop, chick­ens might come and dig up the seeds , goats may eat the young plants, a hur­ri­cane might come and destroy the plants.sometimes many of the crops die but he holds out because he sees the end result; food for his fam­i­ly and pro­duce to sell. if he had giv­en up and let the chick­ens eat all the seeds and the goats eat all the sprouts his fam­i­ly would die of hunger in the future, he had to exer­cise per­sis­tence.

Life sel­dom gives any­one what they want and even if you think some­one has a gold spoon in their mouth, there is always some­thing they want but to get that some­thing we have to hold out, we have to exer­cise per­sis­tence.

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