The Most Important Investment

investmentHow much time do you invest in playing video games? What about watching tv? Facebook? Bad habits? How much time do you invest in someone else versus yourself? Today we are going to talk about investment and no I’m not talking building a portfolio, I’m talking you. Do you ever take the time to find out how you are treating your body? How well do you eat what do you feed your brain is it positive food. Many people get lost under the waves of negative thoughts that are put into their heads because of the media they consume. Having positive thoughts and appreciating your gifts allow you to enjoy life and makes you impervious to the negative thoughts that are floating out there.

Investing in yourself

When you come into contact with negative minds extricate yourself from the situation because you need to protect your investment. Don’t hang around with people who diminish your value because like counterfeit currency they are fake. You owe it to yourself to find out how to live a full and happy life, fill your mind with positive affirmations because you create your reality with your thoughts don’t believe me?

Think about negative things and dwell on angry thoughts and you will find yourself contemplating negative acts until you begin to act out those thoughts. The intangible thought becomes real. Every day we are programming ourselves similarly to the way a robot is being programmed we are programming ourselves through habits. Invest in creating healthy habits and you will be investing in yourself. Take control of your emotions they do not rule you. Give willingly as this nourishes the soul give as much of yourself as you can. The secret to success is giving why? Because you are adding value to others instead of taking from others. It is ironic how the more people try to take without giving the more they take away from themselves, they gain in terms of material but their greed is an abyss that grows deeper the more they take without giving.

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