The Most Important Investment

investmentHow much time do you invest in play­ing video games? What about watch­ing tv? Face­book? Bad habits? How much time do you invest in some­one else ver­sus your­self? Today we are going to talk about invest­ment and no I’m not talk­ing build­ing a port­fo­lio, I’m talk­ing you. Do you ever take the time to find out how you are treat­ing your body? How well do you eat what do you feed your brain is it pos­i­tive food. Many peo­ple get lost under the waves of neg­a­tive thoughts that are put into their heads because of the media they con­sume. Hav­ing pos­i­tive thoughts and appre­ci­at­ing your gifts allow you to enjoy life and makes you imper­vi­ous to the neg­a­tive thoughts that are float­ing out there.

Investing in yourself

When you come into con­tact with neg­a­tive minds extri­cate your­self from the sit­u­a­tion because you need to pro­tect your invest­ment. Don’t hang around with peo­ple who dimin­ish your val­ue because like coun­ter­feit cur­ren­cy they are fake. You owe it to your­self to find out how to live a full and hap­py life, fill your mind with pos­i­tive affir­ma­tions because you cre­ate your real­i­ty with your thoughts don’t believe me?

Think about neg­a­tive things and dwell on angry thoughts and you will find your­self con­tem­plat­ing neg­a­tive acts until you begin to act out those thoughts. The intan­gi­ble thought becomes real. Every day we are pro­gram­ming our­selves sim­i­lar­ly to the way a robot is being pro­grammed we are pro­gram­ming our­selves through habits. Invest in cre­at­ing healthy habits and you will be invest­ing in your­self. Take con­trol of your emo­tions they do not rule you. Give will­ing­ly as this nour­ish­es the soul give as much of your­self as you can. The secret to suc­cess is giv­ing why? Because you are adding val­ue to oth­ers instead of tak­ing from oth­ers. It is iron­ic how the more peo­ple try to take with­out giv­ing the more they take away from them­selves, they gain in terms of mate­r­i­al but their greed is an abyss that grows deep­er the more they take with­out giv­ing.

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