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Leveraging technology in business

technology in businessSo you decided to start a business got your business plan check, got your product check, got your targets check. you’re ready to hit the ground running… Wait stop did you consider how you are going to communicate effectively with your customers? How will you track their needs in an efficient manner are you gonna get a note book and write it down? What’s your marketing strategy are you using old outdated methods that have no place in the modern world. Well its time to wake up an get an upgrade because today we are going to talk about Leveraging technology in your business.

Did you know social media sites have slashed advertising costs dramatically? If you just started a business and you don’t have a social media presence what are you really waiting for? We live in an information age and you can see it all around you, from mobile phones to laptops and tablets. Information travels at the speed of light and with the aid of technology you can give your business wings. Globalization has made the Internet the go to place for starting a business these days  and if you have the Internet you have the world at your fingertips. There are a plethora of tools which you can leverage in your business to compete in this ever changing and intense business landscape let’s go:

Microsoft Excel: where would the business world be without spreadsheets? Dazed and confused if you ask me. Microsoft is the industry standard when it comes to creating and managing spreadsheets it has many functions that help you to analyze costs, profits and margins to let you know exactly how well your business is doing.

Next up is social media: imagine having the ability to advertise to millions of people with a few clicks of a button, social media can help you target a specific audience reducing advertising costs because you can superfocus you’re advertising on those that are actually interested in your business.

Website: unless you are living under a rock in coovookiland you know that If you want to build and brand and be recognized in this time, your business has to have a website. You can advertise on your website and engage with your customers by allowing them to sign up for your email list. You can offer special discounts on your site for your products and give people a map to find the physical location of your business. The world is your play ground when you have an online presence and with everyone surfing the Internet these days it’s bets to set it up so the land on your Island if you catch my drift.

Use video marketing for your business can help you leverage technology in business because most people find watching videos preferable to reading advertisements why not try advertising on video platforms such as YouTube and vimeo? Youtube has one the largest online audiences in the entire world why wait get in on a piece of the action.

Five, crowd funding: you can actually use technology to grow your business at an exponential pace. Need startup funding for your business? crowd funding is the way, there are hundreds of startups using this platform and it can be the difference between you slaving over your idea for years and not getting any traction to actually exploding onto the world stage, crowd funding can give your business a wealth of exposure and great potential for success (not without risks of course).

Technology in business today is not only an option it is a necessity. if you wish to survive in the business world. having technology in business versus not having it can be compared to taking a jet-plane to your destination or travelling via donkey; pick your ride.

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