The State Of Nutrition Today


Food, we all need it, but today it seems we have been looking at food all wrong. The problem today with our food is that the main focus is on how food tastes instead of the nutritional value that the food should be providing our bodies.

I have heard stories of people in china soaking cardboard in seasoning and actually cooking it as food and people eat it(not sure how true this is). That’s how much we are obsessed with taste.

The next time you put a piece of food in your mouth ask yourself what am I putting into my body? Will this food provide the necessary nutrients that my body needs?

Today there is less focus on proper nutrition. All we see on the billboards and tv screens is fast food and they put it in your face too making look all attractive.

I’m not going to say not to eat fast food I eat fast food. But my diet predominantly consists of food that is organic. In fact, I try to cook for myself at least two times a week.
We need to change the way we view food. Advertisements tease us with food that looks good and tastes good. But in the long run does not fulfill your bodies needs. Eat homemade food. Don’t shun the market. The best food is in the market. in fact the food that makes these processed foods is in the market and in their purest form.

A common issue with these processed foods is the high level of salt that they contain. These are preservatives. Salt causes your kidneys to retain water which in turn raises your blood pressure.

Most processed foods strip away essential nutrients such as fiber. This nutrient essential for healthy bowel movements among other functions.

After these nutrients are removed, harmful levels of sugar or salt are added to enhance the taste. Just like an automobile that uses a premium fuel versus a low-quality fuel that is how nutrition is relative to taste.

Foods that focus primarily on taste tend to be the main culprits when it comes to lifestyle diseases. Hypertension, diabetes, and other lifestyle diseases have become more prevalent in recent years. This is due to our obsession with taste.

We need to start in the schools today. There are actually kids who believe that fried chicken and fries is actually good nutrition. in fact, most children don’t like the taste of vegetables. We need to educate our children on the importance of these nutrients that we get from vegetables and natural foods.

What are your views on the state of nutrition today? Do you believe we are given enough education in school about this issue? Leave a comment below let’s start a discussion. Thank you for reading and until next post, stay healthy.

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