The State Of Nutrition Today


Food, we all need it, but today it seems we have been look­ing at food all wrong. The prob­lem today with our food is that the main focus is on how food tastes instead of the nutri­tion­al val­ue that the food should be pro­vid­ing our bod­ies.

I have heard sto­ries of peo­ple in chi­na soak­ing card­board in sea­son­ing and actu­al­ly cook­ing it as food and peo­ple eat it(not sure how true this is). That’s how much we are obsessed with taste.

The next time you put a piece of food in your mouth ask your­self what am I putting into my body? Will this food pro­vide the nec­es­sary nutri­ents that my body needs?

Today there is less focus on prop­er nutri­tion. All we see on the bill­boards and tv screens is fast food and they put it in your face too mak­ing look all attrac­tive.

I’m not going to say not to eat fast food I eat fast food. But my diet pre­dom­i­nant­ly con­sists of food that is organ­ic. In fact, I try to cook for myself at least two times a week.
We need to change the way we view food. Adver­tise­ments tease us with food that looks good and tastes good. But in the long run does not ful­fill your bod­ies needs. Eat home­made food. Don’t shun the mar­ket. The best food is in the mar­ket. in fact the food that makes these processed foods is in the mar­ket and in their purest form.

A com­mon issue with these processed foods is the high lev­el of salt that they con­tain. These are preser­v­a­tives. Salt caus­es your kid­neys to retain water which in turn rais­es your blood pres­sure.

Most processed foods strip away essen­tial nutri­ents such as fiber. This nutri­ent essen­tial for healthy bow­el move­ments among oth­er func­tions.

After these nutri­ents are removed, harm­ful lev­els of sug­ar or salt are added to enhance the taste. Just like an auto­mo­bile that uses a pre­mi­um fuel ver­sus a low-qual­i­ty fuel that is how nutri­tion is rel­a­tive to taste.

Foods that focus pri­mar­i­ly on taste tend to be the main cul­prits when it comes to lifestyle dis­eases. Hyper­ten­sion, dia­betes, and oth­er lifestyle dis­eases have become more preva­lent in recent years. This is due to our obses­sion with taste.

We need to start in the schools today. There are actu­al­ly kids who believe that fried chick­en and fries is actu­al­ly good nutri­tion. in fact, most chil­dren don’t like the taste of veg­eta­bles. We need to edu­cate our chil­dren on the impor­tance of these nutri­ents that we get from veg­eta­bles and nat­ur­al foods.

What are your views on the state of nutri­tion today? Do you believe we are giv­en enough edu­ca­tion in school about this issue? Leave a com­ment below let’s start a dis­cus­sion. Thank you for read­ing and until next post, stay healthy.

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