sowing seeds

Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow

tomorrowPeo­ple say tomor­row is not promised to any­one and I beg to dif­fer, tomor­row is promised to those who pre­pare for it today. Sure you don’t know if you will wake to see anoth­er day but often times you do so I think it’s time we chal­lenged that think­ing. I remem­ber watch­ing a movie and in the movie were the latin words “Amat Vic­to­ria Curam” which trans­lates to mean: Vic­to­ry Loves Prepa­ra­tion and this is so true. Life favors those who are pre­pared. You might be work­ing at a job you don’t like but at the same time, you are gain­ing skills you nev­er had before. Tomor­row you may gain a bet­ter job that con­sid­ers those skills an asset. When­ev­er you feel down and dis­cour­aged I want you to remem­ber the mus­tard seed, sure it starts out as a tiny minus­cule seed but it has the poten­tial to become gar­gan­tu­an. Before we reach the tree lev­el, how­ev­er, we need nour­ish­ment.

Feed your mind the infor­ma­tion you need to become the per­son that you want to see tomor­row. We are all trees and the way you know a good tree is by its fruits if we don’t have enough nour­ish­ment our fruits will not bear, we need the right envi­ron­ment. Think about your actions and how they will affect the future ver­sion of you. Every per­son who is suc­cess­ful today bar none did not achieve it overnight (I’m not talk­ing lot­tery winner’s here and then again they prob­a­bly bought a lot of tick­ets before win­ning). We Forge our own path, we are respon­si­ble for our own des­tiny own that. Some­times I hear peo­ple play the blame game and make excus­es for why they didn’t do this or didn’t accom­plish that (I’m guilty of this as well) when the pow­er has always been in their hands. They have the pow­er to decide how to react to sit­u­a­tions, they have the great­est pow­er of all:free will.

The abil­i­ty for us to think inde­pen­dent­ly is one of our great­est assets. To decide who to be, who to love who influ­ences us. You have the pow­er don’t sub­mit to peer pres­sure and do what oth­er peo­ple are doing if it is not in line with your goals. Devel­op skills and habits that posi­tion you to be the per­son you want to become tomor­row. Most peo­ple say life is unpre­dictable and it is some­times, but we fail to real­ize that life does have a pre­dictable aspect. If you plant a tree and you water it every day and give it sun­light sure there is a small pos­si­bil­i­ty that it might die but there is a greater pos­si­bil­i­ty that it will live and grow.

The sun ris­es every morn­ing at the same time almost every day isn’t that pre­dictable? If you fill your mind with movies and car­toons we know you’re not going to be a lawyer, that’s pre­dictable. So don’t take the say­ing that life is unpre­dictable and just drink that lemon­ade. because every­one who is of a sound mind to make his own choic­es has pre­pared him­self to be where he is every day of his or her life.

Do you think you have some say in what your tomor­row will look like? Or do you think we are prod­ucts of pur­pose­less chance? Leave your com­ments below and as always stay moti­vat­ed.

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