sowing seeds

Sowing Seeds for Tomorrow

tomorrowPeople say tomorrow is not promised to anyone and I beg to differ, tomorrow is promised to those who prepare for it today. Sure you don’t know if you will wake to see another day but often times you do so I think it’s time we challenged that thinking. I remember watching a movie and in the movie were¬†the latin words “Amat Victoria Curam” which translates to mean: Victory Loves Preparation and this is so true. Life favors those who are prepared. You might be working at a job you don’t like but at the same time, you are gaining skills you never had before. Tomorrow you may gain a better job that considers those skills an asset. Whenever you feel down and discouraged I want you to remember the mustard seed, sure it starts out as a tiny minuscule seed but it has the potential to become gargantuan. Before we reach the tree level, however, we need nourishment.

Feed your mind the information you need to become the person that you want to see tomorrow. We are all trees and the way you know a good tree is by its fruits if we don’t have enough nourishment our fruits will not bear, we need the right environment. Think about your actions and how they will affect the future version of you. Every person who is successful today bar none did not achieve it overnight (I’m not talking lottery winner’s here and then again they probably bought a lot of tickets before winning). We Forge our own path, we are responsible for our own destiny own that. Sometimes I hear people play the blame game and make excuses for why they didn’t do this or didn’t accomplish that (I’m guilty of this as well) when the power has always been in their hands. They have the power to decide how to react to situations, they have the greatest power of all:free will.

The ability for us to think independently is one of our greatest assets. To decide who to be, who to love who influences us. You have the power don’t submit to peer pressure and do what other people are doing if it is not in line with your goals. Develop skills and habits that position you to be the person you want to become tomorrow. Most people say life is unpredictable and it is sometimes, but we fail to realize that life does have a predictable aspect. If you plant a tree and you water it every day and give it sunlight sure there is a small possibility that it might die but there is a greater possibility that it will live and grow.

The sun rises every morning at the same time almost every day isn’t that predictable? If you fill your mind with movies and cartoons we know you’re not going to be a lawyer, that’s predictable. So don’t take the saying that life is unpredictable and just drink that lemonade. because everyone who is of a sound mind to make his own choices has prepared himself to be where he is every day of his or her life.

Do you think you have some say in what your tomorrow will look like? Or do you think we are products of purposeless chance? Leave your comments below and as always stay motivated.

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