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What Makes Super Processed Foods Bad?

processed foodsYou have heard the warnings,it has been said over and over again; stay away from processed foods.many times we get caught up in the taste of food instead of checking it’s nutritional content. The food that we are shown every day on our TV screens, after all, is greasy processed food that is convenient, easy to fix and tastes good does anyone care what our food is doing to us? We cannot continue to be ignoramuses, ignorance is not bliss. What do you tell the man who has been eating carcinogenic meat all his life and when he is told what caused his cancer and that it could be prevented do you believe that he will be feeling blissful?
Foods that are super processed tend to add certain chemicals either to preserve or enhance the taste of the product.Look at that picture, look at those delicious looking sausages in the picture, did you know that cooking them on a grill this way increases their carcinogenic properties? this is because chemicals such a benzene and other harmful chemicals become infused in the food through the smoke, these chemicals enter the body and may react with our body chemicals to create powerful toxins that stagnate the body. It always seems that anything that is not natural and organic and that doesn’t provide natural nutrients tends to cause damage to the body over the long term. I believe that this is because our bodies were created to compliment nature it is a perfect cycle, we are born into this world everything is there for our sustenance and when we leave this world our body becomes sustenance for the planet.
I have seen videos of people who have kept fast food in their home for three years and it looked perfectly preserved, I was so surprised what would we be doing with food like that? Was it made to survive the next nuclear Holocaust? All I know is if that would have happened it probably would have survived because it looked military grade. What I’m saying is why would we put food like that in our bodies? Normal nutrients decay and go back to the earth and if bacteria itself won’t feed on the¬†food and break it down then there must be something else wrong with the food. That is how it is with these foods they are not easily broken down by our bodies and when they do they clog our body. Food that is good to eat decays because bacteria and other creatures in the environment see it as good for food. Today there are fewer people going into farming we should all be growing organic, our children don’t even know what vegetables are any more I was watching a video on YouTube the other day and although there was a funny side to it there is a very serious issue to be observed children simply did not know what vegetables looked like. Let us all eat more organic it has been proven for years to be sufficient for providing our nutrient needs why stop now?
Anyway, let me hear from you what are your views on super processed food leave a comment below and as always stay healthy.

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