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What Makes Super Processed Foods Bad?

processed foodsYou have heard the warnings,it has been said over and over again; stay away from processed foods.many times we get caught up in the taste of food instead of check­ing it’s nutri­tion­al con­tent. The food that we are shown every day on our TV screens, after all, is greasy processed food that is con­ve­nient, easy to fix and tastes good does any­one care what our food is doing to us? We can­not con­tin­ue to be igno­ra­mus­es, igno­rance is not bliss. What do you tell the man who has been eat­ing car­cino­genic meat all his life and when he is told what caused his can­cer and that it could be pre­vent­ed do you believe that he will be feel­ing bliss­ful?
Foods that are super processed tend to add cer­tain chem­i­cals either to pre­serve or enhance the taste of the product.Look at that pic­ture, look at those deli­cious look­ing sausages in the pic­ture, did you know that cook­ing them on a grill this way increas­es their car­cino­genic prop­er­ties? this is because chem­i­cals such a ben­zene and oth­er harm­ful chem­i­cals become infused in the food through the smoke, these chem­i­cals enter the body and may react with our body chem­i­cals to cre­ate pow­er­ful tox­ins that stag­nate the body. It always seems that any­thing that is not nat­ur­al and organ­ic and that doesn’t pro­vide nat­ur­al nutri­ents tends to cause dam­age to the body over the long term. I believe that this is because our bod­ies were cre­at­ed to com­pli­ment nature it is a per­fect cycle, we are born into this world every­thing is there for our sus­te­nance and when we leave this world our body becomes sus­te­nance for the plan­et.
I have seen videos of peo­ple who have kept fast food in their home for three years and it looked per­fect­ly pre­served, I was so sur­prised what would we be doing with food like that? Was it made to sur­vive the next nuclear Holo­caust? All I know is if that would have hap­pened it prob­a­bly would have sur­vived because it looked mil­i­tary grade. What I’m say­ing is why would we put food like that in our bod­ies? Nor­mal nutri­ents decay and go back to the earth and if bac­te­ria itself won’t feed on the food and break it down then there must be some­thing else wrong with the food. That is how it is with these foods they are not eas­i­ly bro­ken down by our bod­ies and when they do they clog our body. Food that is good to eat decays because bac­te­ria and oth­er crea­tures in the envi­ron­ment see it as good for food. Today there are few­er peo­ple going into farm­ing we should all be grow­ing organ­ic, our chil­dren don’t even know what veg­eta­bles are any more I was watch­ing a video on YouTube the oth­er day and although there was a fun­ny side to it there is a very seri­ous issue to be observed chil­dren sim­ply did not know what veg­eta­bles looked like. Let us all eat more organ­ic it has been proven for years to be suf­fi­cient for pro­vid­ing our nutri­ent needs why stop now?
Any­way, let me hear from you what are your views on super processed food leave a com­ment below and as always stay healthy.

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