food poisoning

Preventing and treating food Poisoning

food poisoningFood is essen­tial for life,but there are foods that are so filled with tox­ins so much in fact that they can cause food poi­son­ing or would be dead­ly if inject­ed into the blood­stream direct­ly .This is inter­est­ing since we actu­al­ly eat them. If you live in the Caribbean you may have heard about cas­sa­va which as it turns out con­tains cyanide and depend­ing on how you cook it may be unsafe to eat, the same can be said about Ack­ee but let us move away from mere nat­ur­al foods.

The chem­i­cals that are present in today’s processed foods can com­bine in the intestines and cre­ate pow­er­ful tox­ins in the body that accu­mu­lates in the body.

Preventing food poisoning

Be care­ful of your food source as some foods con­tain heavy met­als which you should avoid,you may very well be eat­ing the right food but because of where it was grown or the process­es it has been through increas­es it’s Tox­i­c­i­ty. Imag­ine you get your food from a farm that uses the wrong type of fer­til­iz­er on its crops you may not see it but the food absorbs the tox­ins from the pes­ti­cide and when you eat it those same tox­ins are trans­ferred to your body. This means that you are slow­ly poi­son­ing your­self.

Treatment for food poisoning

Now unless you’re the kind of per­son who eats the puffer fish as a del­i­ca­cy these food Poi­son­ing Treat­ments are for you but first how is food Poi­son­ing caused? Food Poi­son­ing can be caused by bac­te­ria and tox­ins in food you eat.

Signs of food Poi­son­ing may include vom­it­ing dizzi­ness and/or diar­rhea which is not pleas­ant as you might guess. Drink­ing water to flush out tox­ins out of the body is a good start to treat­ing food Poi­son­ing. Try to rest up as much as pos­si­ble and try not to eat too much robust food until you are back to nor­mal.

So do you have a food Poi­son­ing rem­e­dy let me know down in the com­ments I’d love to hear from you? Until next post have a hap­py and healthy day. Peace.

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