food poisoning

Preventing and treating food Poisoning

food poisoningFood is essential for life,but there are foods that are so filled with toxins so much in fact that they can cause food poisoning or would be deadly if injected into the bloodstream directly .This is interesting since we actually eat them. If you live in the Caribbean you may have heard about cassava which as it turns out contains cyanide and depending on how you cook it may be unsafe to eat, the same can be said about Ackee but let us move away from mere natural foods.

The chemicals that are present in today’s processed foods can combine in the intestines and create powerful toxins in the body that accumulates in the body.

Preventing food poisoning

Be careful of your food source as some foods contain heavy metals which you should avoid,you may very well be eating the right food but because of where it was grown or the processes it has been through increases it’s Toxicity. Imagine you get your food from a farm that uses the wrong type of fertilizer on its crops you may not see it but the food absorbs the toxins from the pesticide and when you eat it those same toxins are transferred to your body. This means that you are slowly poisoning yourself.

Treatment for food poisoning

Now unless you’re the kind of person who eats the puffer fish as a delicacy these food Poisoning Treatments are for you but first how is food Poisoning caused? Food Poisoning can be caused by bacteria and toxins in food you eat.

Signs of food Poisoning may include vomiting dizziness and/or diarrhea which is not pleasant as you might guess. Drinking water to flush out toxins out of the body is a good start to treating food Poisoning. Try to rest up as much as possible and try not to eat too much robust food until you are back to normal.

So do you have a food Poisoning remedy let me know down in the comments I’d love to hear from you? Until next post have a happy and healthy day. Peace.

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