kidney disease

Preventing kidney disease

kidney diseaseThe kid­neys are two of the most under­rat­ed organs in the body. The kid­neys per­form vital process­es for the body to func­tion. The two fist-sized organs near your back play an impor­tant role in remov­ing waste from your body. The kid­neys are part of the body’s main­te­nance sys­tem. They fil­ter the blood to remove urine and sends this to the blad­der. The kid­neys also help to keep min­er­als and salts in our bod­ies in equi­lib­ri­um. Anoth­er major task of the kid­neys is to keep blood pres­sure in check. It is safe to say with­out our kid­neys we would die. When the kid­neys stop work­ing waste builds up in the body and this is known as Kid­ney dis­ease. so we are going to dis­cuss some foods that help to main­tain kid­ney health. but first, let’s talk about kid­ney dis­ease.

What is Kidney disease?

Kid­ney dis­ease is caused by the dam­age to the kid­neys over an extend­ed peri­od of time. Kid­ney dam­age cause wastes to build up in the body and usu­al­ly occurs slow­ly. The two major caus­es of kid­ney dis­ease can be attrib­uted to hyper­ten­sion oth­er­wise known as high blood pres­sure and dia­betes. High blood pres­sure caus­es kid­ney dam­age because the arter­ies in the kid­neys get dam­aged over time and as a result fail to fil­ter waste in the blood. The kid­ney dam­age also per­pet­u­ates hyper­ten­sion because they help to reg­u­late blood pres­sure in the body and there­fore the blood pres­sure ris­es even fur­ther.
dia­betes cause kid­ney dam­age because the body can­not absorb sug­ar as effi­cient­ly. When this hap­pens it falls on the kid­neys to fil­ter it out of the blood. Over time, this excess blood sug­ar slow­ly dam­ages the kid­neys and leads to chron­ic kid­ney dis­ease.

Foods to help prevent Kidney disease

I per­son­al­ly believe pre­ven­tion is the best cure. As seen from the expla­na­tion before, one dis­ease can lead to anoth­er, it is a domi­no effect. Dia­betes and high blood pres­sure put the kid­neys under pres­sure caus­ing kid­ney dis­ease. Your body is a fac­to­ry and there is always inter­de­pen­dence with­in this fac­to­ry. Each organ in our bod­ies depends on the oth­er for some­thing. The heart works togeth­er with the lungs along with oth­er organs. Here are some foods to include in your diet to help you to pre­vent kid­ney dis­ease and main­tain kid­ney health.

Gar­lic is said to be great for the kid­neys because it con­tains a lot of antiox­i­dants. Antiox­i­dants are great for elim­i­nat­ing free rad­i­cals which are dam­ag­ing to the body. It is also said to be a diuret­ic which means it helps the kid­neys to elim­i­nate sodi­um from your body.

Cran­ber­ries-A study of peo­ple who drank cran­ber­ry juice reg­u­lar­ly found that they were less sus­cep­ti­ble to uri­nary tract infec­tion. Uri­nary tract infec­tions gen­er­al­ly lead to infec­tion in the kid­neys. Infec­tion of the kid­neys is a major risk fac­tor of dete­ri­o­rat­ing kid­ney health and can lead to kid­ney dis­ease.

Broc­coli is a great source of mag­ne­sium potas­si­um and cal­ci­um. These min­er­als help your body to reg­u­late blood pres­sure. A low­er blood pres­sure means less strain on the kid­neys.

Kale-anoth­er leafy green veg­gie that is rich in min­er­als. It also helps to low­er blood pres­sure.

Grapes — these fruits con­tain phy­to­chem­i­cals that aid in neu­tral­iz­ing free rad­i­cals in the body includ­ing the kid­neys

Tips to Cleanse your kidneys

Our diets affect how our body is main­tained. There are nutri­ents in organ­ic foods, fruits, and veg­eta­bles that we can­not get from man-made prod­ucts. This is why there is so much dan­ger in con­sum­ing over­ly processed foods. Nutri­ents are the build­ing blocks of our bod­ies, we are lit­er­al­ly what we eat. If you are build­ing a house and you do not include steel in its struc­ture it is very like­ly to col­lapse.

Pic­ture your body as the house and the steel as the min­er­al iron. If you have an iron defi­cien­cy. An organ in your body might need iron to func­tion and because it doesn’t get it begins to mal­func­tion. Oth­er organs that depend on that organ begin to mal­func­tion until you become sick. That is how the house (body) col­laps­es.

Take pre­ven­ta­tive mea­sures today. It is bet­ter to pre­vent kid­ney dis­ease than cure it. Apart from being very expen­sive to treat, you would have to per­form dial­y­sis on your blood with a machine. Dial­y­sis is per­form­ing the func­tions that your kid­neys nor­mal­ly do. Here are some tips to help you keep your kid­neys clean:

♦Drink lots of cran­ber­ry juice, as dis­cussed above cranberry’s have been proven to fight uri­nary tract infec­tions that are known to affect the kid­neys

♦Remove your­self from tox­ic envi­ron­ments. For exam­ple, what you breathe gen­er­al­ly ends up in your blood which your kid­neys have to fil­ter. The more tox­ins the more stress on your kid­neys and the greater pos­si­bil­i­ty of kid­ney dam­age.

♦Do not con­sume foods with cal­ci­um in excess. Although a lit­tle cal­ci­um is good too much in the blood can cause kid­ney stones to devel­op.

♦Do a reg­u­lar check­up on your kid­neys.

♦Drink lemon water reg­u­lar­ly. Not only can lemon pre­vent dis­eases like scurvy it helps to cleanse the body of tox­ins.

I hope you learned some­thing about main­tain­ing kid­ney health. Leave a com­ment below, you may have some bet­ter sug­ges­tions. Also, feel free to like and share this post  if you found it help­ful or sub­scribe to my list. Take care and as always stay healthy


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