kidney disease

Preventing kidney disease

kidney diseaseThe kidneys are two of the most underrated organs in the body. The kidneys perform vital processes for the body to function. The two fist-sized organs near your back play an important role in removing waste from your body. The kidneys are part of the body’s maintenance system. They filter the blood to remove urine and sends this to the bladder. The kidneys also help to keep minerals and salts in our bodies in equilibrium. Another major task of the kidneys is to keep blood pressure in check. It is safe to say without our kidneys we would die. When the kidneys stop working waste builds up in the body and this is known as Kidney disease. so we are going to discuss some foods that help to maintain kidney health. but first, let’s talk about kidney disease.

What is Kidney disease?

Kidney disease is caused by the damage to the kidneys over an extended period of time. Kidney damage cause wastes to build up in the body and usually occurs slowly. The two major causes of kidney disease can be attributed to hypertension otherwise known as high blood pressure and diabetes. High blood pressure causes kidney damage because the arteries in the kidneys get damaged over time and as a result fail to filter waste in the blood. The kidney damage also perpetuates hypertension because they help to regulate blood pressure in the body and therefore the blood pressure rises even further.
diabetes cause kidney damage because the body cannot absorb sugar as efficiently. When this happens it falls on the kidneys to filter it out of the blood. Over time, this excess blood sugar slowly damages the kidneys and leads to chronic kidney disease.

Foods to help prevent Kidney disease

I personally believe prevention is the best cure. As seen from the explanation before, one disease can lead to another, it is a domino effect. Diabetes and high blood pressure put the kidneys under pressure causing kidney disease. Your body is a factory and there is always interdependence within this factory. Each organ in our bodies depends on the other for something. The heart works together with the lungs along with other organs. Here are some foods to include in your diet to help you to prevent kidney disease and maintain kidney health.

Garlic is said to be great for the kidneys because it contains a lot of antioxidants. Antioxidants are great for eliminating free radicals which are damaging to the body. It is also said to be a diuretic which means it helps the kidneys to eliminate sodium from your body.

Cranberries-A study of people who drank cranberry juice regularly found that they were less susceptible to urinary tract infection. Urinary tract infections generally lead to infection in the kidneys. Infection of the kidneys is a major risk factor of deteriorating kidney health and can lead to kidney disease.

Broccoli is a great source of magnesium potassium and calcium. These minerals help your body to regulate blood pressure. A lower blood pressure means less strain on the kidneys.

Kale-another leafy green veggie that is rich in minerals. It also helps to lower blood pressure.

Grapes – these fruits contain phytochemicals that aid in neutralizing free radicals in the body including the kidneys

Tips to Cleanse your kidneys

Our diets affect how our body is maintained. There are nutrients in organic foods, fruits, and vegetables that we cannot get from man-made products. This is why there is so much danger in consuming overly processed foods. Nutrients are the building blocks of our bodies, we are literally what we eat. If you are building a house and you do not include steel in its structure it is very likely to collapse.

Picture your body as the house and the steel as the mineral iron. If you have an iron deficiency. An organ in your body might need iron to function and because it doesn’t get it begins to malfunction. Other organs that depend on that organ begin to malfunction until you become sick. That is how the house (body) collapses.

Take preventative measures today. It is better to prevent kidney disease than cure it. Apart from being very expensive to treat, you would have to perform dialysis on your blood with a machine. Dialysis is performing the functions that your kidneys normally do. Here are some tips to help you keep your kidneys clean:

♦Drink lots of cranberry juice, as discussed above cranberry’s have been proven to fight urinary tract infections that are known to affect the kidneys

♦Remove yourself from toxic environments. For example, what you breathe generally ends up in your blood which your kidneys have to filter. The more toxins the more stress on your kidneys and the greater possibility of kidney damage.

♦Do not consume foods with calcium in excess. Although a little calcium is good too much in the blood can cause kidney stones to develop.

♦Do a regular checkup on your kidneys.

♦Drink lemon water regularly. Not only can lemon prevent diseases like scurvy it helps to cleanse the body of toxins.

I hope you learned something about maintaining kidney health. Leave a comment below, you may have some better suggestions. Also, feel free to like and share this post  if you found it helpful or subscribe to my list. Take care and as always stay healthy


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