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Positive Peer Pressure

peer pressurePeer pressure typically has a bad connotation, but hey not all peer pressure is bad. If you align yourself with positive people pretty soon you will find yourself raising your standards to want to be like them. Surround yourself with people who influence you to be a better you.

Remember  that birds of a feather flock together as lame and old as that sounds it is quite true. Take a look at anyone who misbehave and has a bad attitude. Generally, they have friends that behave just like them. People have a certain magnetic affinity about them. We all attract what we believe. What makes a group of people unified is how they think.

Peer pressure is one of the strongest methods to influence people it’s almost like a game of monkey see monkey do (not that you lovely people are monkeys).
It does feel good to be part of a group no matter what the group is doing.This is because as human beings we are a social species, we like feeling accepted.

How to create positive peer pressure

Positive peer pressure can be realized by having a mentor. Have a mentor who is where you want to be, learn from the master. We are always stronger when we have support, no matter what skills you have you can never be good at everything. Having support teaches you to accept this. Partner with someone who has an expertise in your area of weakness.

If you are not able to find a mentor watch youtube videos. There are plenty of positive motivational channels out there and trust me it helps. I personally watch a motivational video every day. What this does is create a motivational shield around me that dispels all negative thoughts and I’m fired up for the day. Every time I start my day like this I feel my doubts fading and I have a more positive outlook on life.

I contrast this with starting my day watching negative videos about conflicts and all of a sudden I feel negative. My thoughts become negative and my whole day is messed up. Yeah, I know that sounds drastic but try it yourself you will discover the truth. You can also join a group.Groups can also hold you accountable, making you much more likely to achieve your goals. How much faster does a project get achieved when it is separated into different parts? if the group you are in has a positive outlook  everybody will want to work together to bring about a fruitful project.

Using peer pressure as a tool for success

If you want to reach success the best way to do it is to be apart of a group of people who have done what you are trying to do. Particularly those that were in a similar situation you are in before they became successful. This will tell your mind that;if they were like me what’s stopping me from doing this? it will give you a strong push to succeed. Peer pressure is one of the number one reasons man has made so much progress in various fields because man can only do so much alone. Take a look at organizations and mastermind groups and people working for a common goal.We bounce off each other creating one giant positive mind or we become part of a negative mindset depending on our choice of peers.

Challenge yourself today. Extract yourself from negative environments and stop listening to negative people. Your future self will thank you for it. Also, you can become the positive influence in your circles. Be the person who radiates positive energy and positive people will be drawn to you. 

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