Perseverance: The War On Failure

persistencePer­se­ver­ance is climb­ing a cliff and nev­er giv­ing up, it’s fol­low­ing your dreams even though it doesn’t seem to be work­ing out, it’s try­ing to get out of bed ear­ly and not going back to sleep lol you got me. The last few days it’s been like fight­ing grav­i­ty try­ing to get out of bed it felt almost impos­si­ble.

You ever just have so many things to get done and you’re in bed like; just one more minute (which even­tu­al­ly turns into an hour). I know how you feel but it’s time to drag your tired self out of bed and lets talk about per­se­ver­ing some things. There are many moti­va­tion­al books that I read but there is just one that real­ly shocked me to my core, the first time I read it I was in awe. the name of the book is out­wit­ting the dev­il by napoleon hill. In this book napoleon speaks to the dev­il and what he says is that he actu­al­ly induces peo­ple to fail because not one in ten thou­sand will try again after fail­ing 2 or 3 times.

He then speaks about Thomas Edi­son and how many times he endured fail­ure (it is said that he failed more than a thou­sand times before dis­cov­er­ing the incan­des­cent light bulb).

It is, in fact, said that a person’s suc­cess is direct­ly pro­por­tion­al to the extent to which they over­came fail­ure. See per­sis­tence is a war, it’s a war on fail­ure every time you feel like giv­ing up tell your­self that you’re close to suc­cess because it is often true that it is always dark­est before the light.

This means that the very moment you feel like giv­ing up, the very moment you feel like drop­ping the ball, is the very moment when you should push hard­er. Suc­cess is usu­al­ly one short step from the point where one feels like giv­ing up. How does this apply to my life and more impor­tant­ly how does it apply to yours? I can per­son­al­ly say that the times when I’ve felt weak and ready to give up is the time when I’ve had my break­throughs and it is like a fifty-ton weight has been lift­ed when I per­se­vere and achieve my goal.

Keep fight­ing the fight, nev­er give up on your dream, there is always a way to do it you just need to find the right path. Let Per­se­ver­ance be your North star, let it guide you through every strug­gle you have in your life.

Always remem­ber that suc­cess is rel­a­tive. when­ev­er you reel like a fail­ure take a look at the bless­ings in your life. There are peo­ple that are far worse off than you, it’s all about per­spec­tive. Let me hear from you in the com­ments, what were your tough­est moments that you per­se­vered and how did you feel after? Until my next post stay strong.

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