Perseverance: The War On Failure

persistencePerseverance is climbing a cliff and never giving up, it’s following your dreams even though it doesn’t seem to be working out, it’s trying to get out of bed early and not going back to sleep lol you got me. The last few days it’s been like fighting gravity trying to get out of bed it felt almost impossible.

You ever just have so many things to get done and you’re in bed like; just one more minute (which eventually turns into an hour). I know how you feel but it’s time to drag your tired self out of bed and lets talk about persevering some things. There are many motivational books that I read but there is just one that really shocked me to my core, the first time I read it I was in awe. the name of the book is outwitting the devil by napoleon hill. In this book napoleon speaks to the devil and what he says is that he actually induces people to fail because not one in ten thousand will try again after failing 2 or 3 times.

He then speaks about Thomas Edison and how many times he endured failure (it is said that he failed more than a thousand times before discovering the incandescent light bulb).

It is, in fact, said that a person’s success is directly proportional to the extent to which they overcame failure. See persistence is a war, it’s a war on failure every time you feel like giving up tell yourself that you’re close to success because it is often true that it is always darkest before the light.

This means that the very moment you feel like giving up, the very moment you feel like dropping the ball, is the very moment when you should push harder. Success is usually one short step from the point where one feels like giving up. How does this apply to my life and more importantly how does it apply to yours? I can personally say that the times when I’ve felt weak and ready to give up is the time when I’ve had my breakthroughs and it is like a fifty-ton weight has been lifted when I persevere and achieve my goal.

Keep fighting the fight, never give up on your dream, there is always a way to do it you just need to find the right path. Let Perseverance be your North star, let it guide you through every struggle you have in your life.

Always remember that success is relative. whenever you reel like a failure take a look at the blessings in your life. There are people that are far worse off than you, it’s all about perspective. Let me hear from you in the comments, what were your toughest moments that you persevered and how did you feel after? Until my next post stay strong.

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