Simple Tips for overcoming negative thoughts

negative-thinkingHave you ever been in a negative mental state that you can’t seem to shake? It just creeps up on you and suddenly you just feel bad. I have found that being around positive people is a strong antidote to break you out of the slump you may be in. Positive energy drives away the negative so try to surround yourself with as much positive energy as possible.

Doing something creative also helps channel that negative energy into something useful. Some of the greatest songs,poetry, and creative works were done when the artist or poet was in a deep negative place. But they channeled the energy into something purposeful.

Now don’t go consciously putting yourself in a negative state but if you find that you have negative thoughts these are some things to consider.

One thing that always seems to get rid of my frustrations is to exercise, doing some heavy cardio or pumping some weights always takes my mind off whatever negative thoughts and shifts my focus.

There is just something motivational and positive about exercising and pushing myself and sweating after this I’m tired but happy.

Exercise also releases Endorphins into your bloodstream. This can further dispel your negative thoughts because this hormone is known as the feel good hormone.
Watch motivational videos. This will get your mind into a winning state and help you to focus on your goals. Having attainable goals and taking action towards these goals will keep your mind clear and remove negative thoughts because all your energy will be going towards your goals.

Always remember that you hold the keys to your mind you choose what goes in and what stays out. Failure to recognize that thoughts are powerful leads to many people failing in life.your mind is like a garden that needs a constant stream of positive thoughts to keep it lush and healthy. Refrain from listening music or watching media that has a negative impact on the mind.

Have rituals to prevent negative thoughts

Overcoming negative thoughts is a habit and you get better at it the more you practice and allow it to become a part of your daily routine. Meditate every day or have a morning ritual that clears your mind and allows you to refresh your thoughts.

Time will take over and solidify your habit, successful people never allow negative thoughts to stagnate their minds because they know that thoughts are things and the negative thoughts manifest themselves in a destructive manner.

Every action started with a thought,no building,structure or invention could every come to fruition without first being thought about. I say this to let you recognize that in reality there is nothing available to mankind that is as powerful as thoughts. May your thoughts lead you where you want to go.

Do you have negative thoughts that plague you?how do you overcome these negative thoughts ? Please leave a comment below it will be much appreciated. Thank you for reading and as always stay motivated.

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