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The Oura Ring: Technology In Health

oura ringImagine being able to monitor all your vitals from your smartphone, crazy huh? Well, that is now possible with a little startup project called the startup project called the oura ring. This ring uses input signals from your body to give you a readout. it can tell you if you are iron deficient, read your sleep patterns to determine what quality sleep you are getting and basically tell you your overall body output. The oura ring interfaces with an app on your phone to display your vitals basically giving you an EKG machine on your fingers.

Benefits of the oura ring

Technology has come a long way and though we don’t quite know how well the oura ring works (if you have one let me know what you think about it in the comments.) we can use this technology to take prevent all kinds of health problems because it would act as a guide giving you a read out of whether your iron deficient or how stressed you are (I’m sure we can tell that one without the ring though), the oura ring will open a new Frontier of health devices that are affordable and available to the public and I think this is a great idea.

Do you know the cost of a heart rate monitor? I think eventually technology like this would replace these. Think of all the equipment that a doctor uses to diagnose you? Imagine if he could use the information from this health device (provided that it works properly) to give you a better diagnosis. he could even potentially get information about your health status by an email from the app. This would reduce your need to go to the doctor so frequently.

He would just call you when he sees things are getting serious and you need to get your health back on track, I’m just brainstorming people I don’t actually know how this gadget performs but if it is anything like what I imagine it will be a major game changer in the health industry. Ok the oura ring what do you think about it and would you get one? Also if you already have one let me know in the comments how it works. Until next time stay safe, stay healthy and stay blessed.

P.S. Here is a link to the Oura ring in case you want to check out it out

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