Online Resources


blogging resourcesCheck out these online resources that I use to build my blog.

Some of these are paid so take note but most are free. you can begin using them today if you want.

Blogging/Website Design

Cosched­ule head­line ana­lyz­er-If you like blog­ging then this resource is def­i­nite­ly worth a shot. This online tool helps you to write bet­ter head­lines for your blog post. It takes your head­line and weighs it based on how many com­mon, uncom­mon, emo­tion­al or words of pow­er you use. This tool is great to use if you’re look­ing to avoid writ­ing lack­lus­ter head­ings and also if you want to catch the atten­tion of your audi­ence. you’re blog­ging today and you haven’t heard of canva…um just one ques­tion: where have you been? Not only is this a great tool for cre­at­ing designs for your web­site, you can go pro and expand upon your graph­ics skills. Can­va also allows you to cre­ate a free account, which should be suf­fi­cient if you’re just start­ing out.

Stock­snap-Every body knows that pic­tures help your web­site come alive, oth­er­wise it would just seem like a block of bor­ing text/ My per­son­al favorite web­site to get roy­al­ty free pic­tures is all pic­tures are in the cre­ative com­mons domain and can be used com­mer­cial­ly with­out ask­ing per­mis­sion. It’s a great site espe­cial­ly if you want to avoid get­ting copy­right infringe­ments. this web­site and the mobile app to keep track of all the blogs you are inter­est­ed in. is a great tool if you want to find out the social engage­ment of cer­tain blog post. you can search up to 5 top­ics per day on the free ver­sion but you need to upgrade if you want more func­tion­al­i­ty. You can use buz­zsumo to see how well a type of blog post will do. You can check engage­ment on twit­ter, face­book, google plus and oth­ers.­er web­site where you can get high qual­i­ty roy­al­ty free pic­tures for your blog. out of title ideas? use this tool to help you devel­op eye catch­ing titles for your posts.



Fiverr- This is a great plat­form to get afford­able ser­vices for you web­site. You can get graph­ics or logos done for just  five dol­lars! you can also become a free­lancer if you wish. Sign­ing up is free and you get paid every oth­er week for work you have done.if you are just start­ing out this is a great plat­form to try out.

Odesk-This is a great online plat­form to out­source work for your busi­ness. You can also set up an account and per­form free­lanc­ing ser­vices.

Note Taking

Ever­note-This app syncs with your phone tablet and pret­ty much any device you use. It is great for cre­at­ing notes and plan­ning out your day. you can also set reminders and share tasks with oth­er peo­ple.

Quic­knote-If you are doing research online, this is a great tool for infor­ma­tion gath­er­ing. It is a google chrome brows­er exten­sion that you can use for free.


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