How Negativity Kills Your Dream

DreamNothing good is ever built with negative thoughts. Before a dream becomes a reality, before they become concrete they were first thoughts. Thoughts reside in the workshop of the mind.

Have you ever met anyone that was just all negative and you didn’t want to be around them? I have on quite a few occasions they are filled with so much negativity they seem to be sapping the positive energy from me.

Creativity cannot grow on negative thoughts remember that you create your dream with every thought you think in order for your dream to flourish you have to have a positive environment.

Think of your dreams like a delicate plant and it needs nourishment for it to grow, in this case, positive energy is the nourishment. Guard your thoughts so that they don’t become negative.

Everyday dreams die because of negative thoughts, observe a child who has aspirations of being an astronaut or maybe a doctor, pretty soon his dreams are crushed by those around him who tell him he won’t amount to anything and that he can’t accomplish it and his thoughts become infected.

Pretty soon that positive kid stops believing in dreams he grows up and says dreams are for kids, I’m going to stick to reality not realizing you make your reality with your thoughts, you decide what you want to be not anyone else but you.

Negative thoughts are like cancer. They latch on to positive thoughts and kill them but there is an antibody called determination and another called willpower that can be used to fight off negative thinking . If you want to keep your mind positive ( and who wouldn’t) watch motivational people and listen to their stories. Most of what some have been through will break your heart. Some have even been born without essential limbs. they didn’t use their situations as crutches. they didn’t make excuses, they took full responsibility for their lives. ¬†Out of positive thinking, they rose out of self-pity and self-doubt they became positive influences.

When I see things like this happen I think to myself if they can accomplish their dreams with all the things they have been through who am I to complain? who am I to not go for and achieve my dreams what’s stopping me? I realize it is not what is without that determines my destination it is what is within.

Fill your mind with positive thoughts and work consistently towards your goals and you shall have your dream.

P.S. I’m curious to know what’s on your mind, how do you deal with negative thoughts? leave a comment below.

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