Liver detox: Why it is important

liver-detoxYour liver is an important part of your body but that’s a no brainer. Your liver has the function of removing toxins from your body. Sometimes however your liver can become overworked and clogged. When this happens it cannot remove toxins as efficiently as before. You need to have a liver detox. Maintaining liver health is important and should not be taken lightly. Many people drink an excessive amount of alcohol which can cause liver damage. In fact, in England, approximately 25 percent increase of liver disease has been attributed to alcohol consumption according to

When our bodies try to break down alcohol it can cause damage to the cell. This is because of the chemical reaction that occurs. This damage can lead to inflammation and scarring. We are not here to discuss the different causes of liver damage. Check out drinkaware’s website for more on that. Now let’s talk about detoxing the liver.

Some signs you may need a liver detox

Before we get into the how-to let’s talk about some of the signs that your body needs a liver detox.It is important to spot these signs early to avoid liver failure in the future. these signs are:

Inability to lose weight-Your liver produces bile which aids in the digestion. The liver is essential in breaking down fats among other things. When your liver becomes overworked toxins build up. This build up causes a reduction in bile production. This leads to fat build up. This, in turn, causes you to have more belly fat.

Deficiency in nutrients-remember that your liver breaks down food to allow your body to absorb nutrients. If your liver is not working properly you will have nutrient deficiencies. If you experience such things as iron deficiency, vitamin E deficiency you may need a liver detox.

High blood sugar levels-The liver has the  functions of producing,  storing and regulating sugar in the body. It produces sugar by breaking down food. When it becomes overloaded or clogged in slows down its production of sugar and cannot regulate blood sugar levels properly this leads to a spike in blood sugar levels.

How to do a liver detox

Before you even start to detox there are some things you need to remove from your diet. These things include alcohol, sodas, fried foods, high fructose corn syrup, and trans fats.

If you want to detox, here are some liver cleansing foods to include in your diet:

Garlic-garlic is great because it contains s lot of antioxidants. It contains selenium which helps the liver to perform detoxification. It does this by helping to form enzymes that reduce oxidation. Oxidation can lead to liver damage and selenium helps to protect liver tissue.
Vegetables- there is a good reason why your parents always tell you to eat your veggies. Many vegetables contain nutrients that aid in the production of bile. It is always good to incorporate vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage etc. You may also benefit from taking some aloe vera.

Citrus fruits-these fruits are high in vitamin C. Toxins in your liver can produce free radicals. Vitamin c helps to neutralise them.

Water-this might go without saying but I’ll say it anyway. Water is crucial to life and liver detoxification. Water flushes your body including your liver to remove toxins.

Exercise-this should be a no-brainer, exercising along with incorporating the above foods will speed up the removal of toxins from the body. The faster your body uses up the food you eat the faster the waste can be eliminated. This speed of elimination prevents the build up of toxins in the body.

Importance of a liver detox

The liver is said to have more than 400 functions. This makes this organ one of the most important in the body. Many people take this organ for granted because of lack of knowledge. This is surprising when you find out that the liver is the body’s largest gland. The liver is basically the bodies all in one extraction & filtration system. When you consume alcohol and other toxic substances your liver will have to work overtime to get rid of the toxins. Over time, these substances wear down the liver and can lead to liver failure. Think of your liver like a machine, if you overload and overwork it. it will break down.

Take note of what you are consuming daily. I believe that if we actually know how we are harming our bodies we would stop (unless it’s an addiction). If you know exactly what is causing you harm you will be more cautious in what you consume.

When the liver gets to a point where it can’t function properly it is called cirrhosis. This is usually caused by extensive substance abuse. You don’t want to spend your life doing liver dialysis so take care of the liver you have.

I hope you learned some useful information about liver Detox, leave a comment below I would love to hear from you and subscribe to my list I’ve got more great content coming your way, also share this post with others they might be curious about doing a liver detox. Thank you for reading until next post, stay healthy.

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