Liver detox: Why it is important

liver-detoxYour liv­er is an impor­tant part of your body but that’s a no brain­er. Your liv­er has the func­tion of remov­ing tox­ins from your body. Some­times how­ev­er your liv­er can become over­worked and clogged. When this hap­pens it can­not remove tox­ins as effi­cient­ly as before. You need to have a liv­er detox. Main­tain­ing liv­er health is impor­tant and should not be tak­en light­ly. Many peo­ple drink an exces­sive amount of alco­hol which can cause liv­er dam­age. In fact, in Eng­land, approx­i­mate­ly 25 per­cent increase of liv­er dis­ease has been attrib­uted to alco­hol con­sump­tion accord­ing to

When our bod­ies try to break down alco­hol it can cause dam­age to the cell. This is because of the chem­i­cal reac­tion that occurs. This dam­age can lead to inflam­ma­tion and scar­ring. We are not here to dis­cuss the dif­fer­ent caus­es of liv­er dam­age. Check out drinkaware’s web­site for more on that. Now let’s talk about detox­ing the liv­er.

Some signs you may need a liver detox

Before we get into the how-to let’s talk about some of the signs that your body needs a liv­er detox.It is impor­tant to spot these signs ear­ly to avoid liv­er fail­ure in the future. these signs are:

Inabil­i­ty to lose weight-Your liv­er pro­duces bile which aids in the diges­tion. The liv­er is essen­tial in break­ing down fats among oth­er things. When your liv­er becomes over­worked tox­ins build up. This build up caus­es a reduc­tion in bile pro­duc­tion. This leads to fat build up. This, in turn, caus­es you to have more bel­ly fat.

Defi­cien­cy in nutri­ents-remem­ber that your liv­er breaks down food to allow your body to absorb nutri­ents. If your liv­er is not work­ing prop­er­ly you will have nutri­ent defi­cien­cies. If you expe­ri­ence such things as iron defi­cien­cy, vit­a­min E defi­cien­cy you may need a liv­er detox.

High blood sug­ar lev­els-The liv­er has the  func­tions of pro­duc­ing,  stor­ing and reg­u­lat­ing sug­ar in the body. It pro­duces sug­ar by break­ing down food. When it becomes over­loaded or clogged in slows down its pro­duc­tion of sug­ar and can­not reg­u­late blood sug­ar lev­els prop­er­ly this leads to a spike in blood sug­ar lev­els.

How to do a liver detox

Before you even start to detox there are some things you need to remove from your diet. These things include alco­hol, sodas, fried foods, high fruc­tose corn syrup, and trans fats.

If you want to detox, here are some liv­er cleans­ing foods to include in your diet:

Gar­lic-gar­lic is great because it con­tains s lot of antiox­i­dants. It con­tains sele­ni­um which helps the liv­er to per­form detox­i­fi­ca­tion. It does this by help­ing to form enzymes that reduce oxi­da­tion. Oxi­da­tion can lead to liv­er dam­age and sele­ni­um helps to pro­tect liv­er tis­sue.
Veg­eta­bles- there is a good rea­son why your par­ents always tell you to eat your veg­gies. Many veg­eta­bles con­tain nutri­ents that aid in the pro­duc­tion of bile. It is always good to incor­po­rate veg­eta­bles such as broc­coli, cab­bage etc. You may also ben­e­fit from tak­ing some aloe vera.

Cit­rus fruits-these fruits are high in vit­a­min C. Tox­ins in your liv­er can pro­duce free rad­i­cals. Vit­a­min c helps to neu­tralise them.

Water-this might go with­out say­ing but I’ll say it any­way. Water is cru­cial to life and liv­er detox­i­fi­ca­tion. Water flush­es your body includ­ing your liv­er to remove tox­ins.

Exer­cise-this should be a no-brain­er, exer­cis­ing along with incor­po­rat­ing the above foods will speed up the removal of tox­ins from the body. The faster your body uses up the food you eat the faster the waste can be elim­i­nat­ed. This speed of elim­i­na­tion pre­vents the build up of tox­ins in the body.

Importance of a liver detox

The liv­er is said to have more than 400 func­tions. This makes this organ one of the most impor­tant in the body. Many peo­ple take this organ for grant­ed because of lack of knowl­edge. This is sur­pris­ing when you find out that the liv­er is the body’s largest gland. The liv­er is basi­cal­ly the bod­ies all in one extrac­tion & fil­tra­tion sys­tem. When you con­sume alco­hol and oth­er tox­ic sub­stances your liv­er will have to work over­time to get rid of the tox­ins. Over time, these sub­stances wear down the liv­er and can lead to liv­er fail­ure. Think of your liv­er like a machine, if you over­load and over­work it. it will break down.

Take note of what you are con­sum­ing dai­ly. I believe that if we actu­al­ly know how we are harm­ing our bod­ies we would stop (unless it’s an addic­tion). If you know exact­ly what is caus­ing you harm you will be more cau­tious in what you con­sume.

When the liv­er gets to a point where it can’t func­tion prop­er­ly it is called cir­rho­sis. This is usu­al­ly caused by exten­sive sub­stance abuse. You don’t want to spend your life doing liv­er dial­y­sis so take care of the liv­er you have.

I hope you learned some use­ful infor­ma­tion about liv­er Detox, leave a com­ment below I would love to hear from you and sub­scribe to my list I’ve got more great con­tent com­ing your way, also share this post with oth­ers they might be curi­ous about doing a liv­er detox. Thank you for read­ing until next post, stay healthy.

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