Investing: Why you should save less

investingLet’s talk about investing.I know ‚I know the title of this post may be a lit­tle mis­lead­ing but bear with me. I’m sure you’ve heard the say­ing ” a pen­ny saved is a pen­ny earned” or some­thing like that. The thing with these pen­nies nowa­days though is that they don’t hold their val­ue over an extend­ed peri­od of time and are steadi­ly leak­ing your eco­nom­ic pow­er. Have you ever real­ized how small the return is on your mon­ey when you sim­ply save? and in some cas­es, sav­ings may be show­ing neg­a­tive growth.

So what’s the deal? the best alter­na­tive to sim­ply sav­ing is to grow your income through invest­ing. Even in harsh eco­nom­ic times, there are items that appre­ci­ate in val­ue because of the same bad eco­nom­ic cli­mate and oppor­tu­ni­ties that occur. remem­ber that the mon­ey doesn’t just dis­ap­pear in the econ­o­my it is just real­lo­cat­ed some­where.

Have you noticed how some com­pa­nies are see­ing record prof­its even though we were said to be in a reces­sion? this is because they took advan­tage of the growth oppor­tu­ni­ties, you need to rec­og­nize these and cap­i­tal­ize on it.

Have an invest­ment plan, there are many ways your mon­ey could be earn­ing bet­ter returns than just sit­ting in the bank. Sure it may be safer there but it is also less like­ly to grow a whole lot. Put your mon­ey to use and let it work for you, although the risks may be high­er than just sav­ing, the cor­re­spond­ing pay­off is usu­al­ly well worth it.

Some assets to consider investing in

There are sev­er­al assets today that are yield­ing great results for those who invest in it and is cre­at­ing more mil­lion­aires and bil­lion­aires today than any oth­er peri­od in human his­to­ry. I’m sure you can guess what those assets are right? they are tech­nol­o­gy and the inter­net. If you look at the smart­phone indus­try you will notice a dras­tic change in fea­tures and func­tions that were nev­er avail­able just ten years before. This indus­try is explod­ing so fast that it is said that most of the inter­net traf­fic in the future will come from mobile devices.

I mean look at the data. Just the oth­er day Nin­ten­do released Poke­mon Go mobile app which has now become the most down­loaded apps in his­to­ry. It is fol­lowed by can­dy crush, face­book, Snapchat and twit­ter. Nintendo’s stock has gone up because of its invest­ment in mobile.Mobile apps have the poten­tial to yield great returns on invest­ment.

The inter­net is a valu­able asset. It is a tool that has made geo­graph­i­cal bound­aries irrel­e­vant. Remem­ber the days when it used to take you decades to make huge prof­its with your busi­ness? today you can get fund­ing, run your busi­ness and make a prof­it in a cou­ple years or even a cou­ple months.It all depends on how you posi­tion your­self. The impor­tant thing you should focus on is meet­ing a need.

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