Investing: Why you should save less

investingLet’s talk about investing.I know ,I know the title of this post may be a little misleading but bear with me. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ” a penny saved is a penny earned” or something like that. The thing with these pennies nowadays though is that they don’t hold their value over an extended period of time and are steadily leaking your economic power. Have you ever realized how small the return is on your money when you simply save? and in some cases, savings may be showing negative growth.

So what’s the deal? the best alternative to simply saving is to grow your income through investing. Even in harsh economic times, there are items that appreciate in value because of the same bad economic climate and opportunities that occur. remember that the money doesn’t just disappear in the economy it is just reallocated somewhere.

Have you noticed how some companies are seeing record profits even though we were said to be in a recession? this is because they took advantage of the growth opportunities, you need to recognize these and capitalize on it.

Have an investment plan, there are many ways your money could be earning better returns than just sitting in the bank. Sure it may be safer there but it is also less likely to grow a whole lot. Put your money to use and let it work for you, although the risks may be higher than just saving, the corresponding payoff is usually well worth it.

Some assets to consider investing in

There are several assets today that are yielding great results for those who invest in it and is creating more millionaires and billionaires today than any other period in human history. I’m sure you can guess what those assets are right? they are technology and the internet. If you look at the smartphone industry you will notice a drastic change in features and functions that were never available just ten years before. This industry is exploding so fast that it is said that most of the internet traffic in the future will come from mobile devices.

I mean look at the data. Just the other day Nintendo released Pokemon Go mobile app which has now become the most downloaded apps in history. It is followed by candy crush, facebook, Snapchat and twitter. Nintendo’s stock has gone up because of its investment in mobile.Mobile apps have the potential to yield great returns on investment.

The internet is a valuable asset. It is a tool that has made geographical boundaries irrelevant. Remember the days when it used to take you decades to make huge profits with your business? today you can get funding, run your business and make a profit in a couple years or even a couple months.It all depends on how you position yourself. The important thing you should focus on is meeting a need.

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