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Why business ethics Is Important

business ethics Today we are going to talk about busi­ness ethics.Have you ever been scammed? Bamboozled,ripped off? I’m not going to ask you how you feel because I know you feel ter­ri­ble you build your hopes up on only for it to get dashed on the rocks. Peo­ple who are scam­mers are among the worst peo­ple on the plan­et and they are every­where even here in Jamaica they have made quite a name for them­selves but time will take care of them.

You must under­stand that time is the ene­my of immoral­i­ty every man or woman who has ever per­formed an act of crime always gets their come­up­pance it is inevitable like clock­work. If you are run­ning a busi­ness and are scam­ming your cus­tomers how long do you believe you will be in busi­ness? Qual­i­ty always lasts think about it the pyra­mids are still stand­ing today because despite being made thou­sands of years ago they were made with qual­i­ty mate­ri­als that stand the test of time. Hold on to your  busi­ness ethics and don’t try to trick peo­ple, it always sur­pris­es me how uneth­i­cal peo­ple can be, you can­not build a sus­tain­able income this way. It doesn’t make sense to build your busi­ness from scratch then do some dis­hon­est thing to lose your cus­tomers.

Why companies with low business ethics fail in the long run

Peo­ple don’t like to be lied to, they want to know they can trust a busi­ness to deliv­er what they adver­tise or give them their mon­ey back.
busi­ness ethics is also impor­tant because it makes oth­er busi­ness own­ers want to do busi­ness with you and can let you build pow­er­ful rela­tion­ships, no one wants to invest in a shady busi­ness so much so that if there is even an alle­ga­tion that a busi­ness enti­ty engages in uneth­i­cal activ­i­ties many busi­ness­es will dis­tance them­selves from
that busi­ness, some peo­ple will even stop invest­ing in the busi­ness, we see this in stock prices. It’s all about per­cep­tion, would you want some­one who is an alleged con­vict­ed crim­i­nal to be around you even if it is just spec­u­la­tion? The prob­lem, how­ev­er, is that integri­ty is frag­ile in every­day life and more so on the Inter­net. I was read­ing this arti­cle the oth­er day about a jew­el­ry store that had been around for years and had built up a great cus­tomer base. They worked very hard on their busi­ness and they had good busi­ness ethics as they were seen as a trust­ed source for jew­el­ry. The jew­el­ry store had a face­book page that they had built up over the course of four years and a com­peti­tor appar­ent­ly paid to have some­one leave one hun­dred fake neg­a­tive reviews on their page, low­er­ing their pos­i­tive rat­ing from over 4 stars to just above two stars. In the world of social media, your rat­ing is the lifeblood of your busi­ness that’s how you get pay­ing cus­tomers to your site in order for them to buy your prod­uct, no one will buy from a two-star busi­ness they will have assumed that your cus­tomer ser­vice is poor or your prod­ucts are poor. long sto­ry short the jew­el­ry store fought back (you can read the sto­ry here). That sto­ry is a sto­ry of poor busi­ness ethics on the part of the com­peti­tor, I would not want to do busi­ness with a com­pa­ny such as that.

When you are not of a mind­set of hav­ing integri­ty you have the mind of a val­ue extrac­tor and no busi­ness was ever cre­at­ed to be this way and last, busi­ness is lit­er­al­ly solv­ing oth­er people’s prob­lems for a fee which means by def­i­n­i­tion of a busi­ness you would be doing the oppo­site, you should be adding val­ue not extract­ing it.

What do you believe? Do you think busi­ness ethics are impor­tant and why? Leave a com­ment below, sub­scribe to my mail­ing list for more and as always stay focused

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