Procrastination: How to stop it.


Since the beginning of time, we have been wondering why are we so easily distracted? (well I guess early humans were too busy running from wild animals). If you were to survey the world you would find that procrastination has affected a majority  of people. myself included.

It seems so hard today to stay focused so most people don’t try. I went on YouTube and did a little experiment. I examined some channels created to offer self-improvement and I observed the number of subscribers. Then I examined a gaming channel and wow the amount of people subscribed was astronomical compared to the self-help channel why is this?

We seem to gravitate to things that serve little purpose (no offense to video games and gamers). In the end what value does playing video games give to our lives? Does it cause us to become more enlightened? Does it reveal to us the secrets and mysteries of life? Or is it just all cotton candy for our minds just there to keep our brains occupied? Please let me know.

It seems as though that we all have a strong habit of procrastinating. why can’t we find pleasure in doing things that are purposeful and that will make an impact on our world our real world in which we live?

I find that a person who procrastinates does not fully know himself and where he wants to go. People who focus tend to have goals that keep them in check and that is what I want to say today.

We are all on the road of life or should I say roads of life because the more distracted we become the more we stray from the path.  We all need a road map. Everyone’s road map is different ,everyone’s goals are different. Don’t get lost in the forest of Procrastination. You may end up wandering for the rest of your life.

Breaking the procrastination habit

Some of us develop habits of putting things off. Habits can be difficult to break especially when you reach an elderly state. Which is why you must forge good habits from now when you are young because it is harder to break the habit the longer you do it. Can you imagine if you always put things off? What would you achieve when you were on your deathbed? a bunch of what ifs and I could ofs?

Seize the moment the time is now! it is said that at the end of life it is not the things we did that we generally regret, it is the things we didn’t do. No one wants to live the last moments of their life in regret. It hollows you out makes you feel empty and unfulfilled and fills you with despair and that is a sad end to life. I want to die with a smile on my face knowing I did what I wanted to do.

The key to stopping Procrastination is to know your purpose and what do you want to do in life. This is your road map and goals lead the way then habit takes over. You have to make it a habit every day to have goals and follow through on those goals. In the end, Procrastination is a habit and it is stopped by replacing it with another habit. The habit of goal setting and taking action.

Let me know what you think. Do you agree with this post or do you have another way of stopping Procrastination in your life? Please comment or subscribe to my list if you found this content valuable. but only if you did, I wish you a great day and as always stay motivated.

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