How to be more decisive in life

decisiveDeci­sive­ness is one of the traits of a leader, gen­er­al­ly peo­ple who know what they want in life waste lit­tle time in achiev­ing their goals. A lot of self-help mate­ri­als teach on how being deci­sive in life can help you achieve your goals. How­ev­er, the chal­lenge is that I am yet to decide which of these experts advice is worth fol­low­ing (Oh the irony huh? try­ing to be deci­sive about whether or not to decide to be deci­sive). Here are some tips to help you in your deci­sion to be deci­sive:

- Per­son­al assess­ment: There is a moun­tain of infor­ma­tion out there to guide you and a lot more to lead you astray, I mean have you ever made the deci­sion to study and end­ed up surf­ing the inter­net point­less­ly or watch­ing youtube videos? (yeah I have that same prob­lem too) If you don’t set goals for your­self; noth­ing hap­pens, scratch that if you don’t set goals and achieve them noth­ing hap­pens. There is no one who has the mag­ic wand to make any­thing come true for us. We must take the pains to do what needs to be done. Assess your­self on a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank your deci­sive­ness?

- Dis­ci­pline: There is no easy path to achieve any­thing worth­while in life. When it comes to being deci­sive you must be able to chart a plan that works for you and devel­op that stick-to-itive­ness (not actu­al­ly a word). One of the high points of dis­ci­pline is that it gives you the fuel to achiev­ing your dreams.

- Start small: If you have a chal­lenge in the area of being deci­sive in life, it is advis­able to begin tak­ing baby steps on mat­ters till you grow in momen­tum. The idea is to give you some vic­to­ries to cel­e­brate while you press for high­er stakes.

Some­times, we must keep in mind that most lead­ers in var­i­ous spheres of life do not make deci­sions by them­selves. They hire those who help them to decide on issues, as a final tip you can form alliances with peo­ple who are more deci­sive than you and learn from them, you will be glad you did.

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