The Four Pillars of Health

healthHel­lo, guys today we are gonna talk about health and par­tic­u­lar­ly four main aspects or you can call them pil­lars of health that you should focus on in your life. Ok lets roll:

The first pil­lar of health is.….


This one goes with­out say­ing I mean have you ever been thirsty? and I mean real­ly thirsty that your tongue felt like sand­pa­per? we lose water through a lot of avenues, we sweat it out, we pass it out through waste etc. which means we have to replen­ish our water sup­ply. When your body lacks water you feel dizzy and your reac­tions are impaired. did you know that when you are dehy­drat­ed your brain tis­sues actu­al­ly shrink? *gasp* ( a dried up prune comes to mind) I don’t know about you but I don’t think that’s a good thing we need our brains for quite a lot of things you might be sur­prised. on the oth­er hand, you will notice that peo­ple who drink more water tend to be more alert and are more cog­nizant (I believe I’ve used that word right) of their sur­round­ings water also is a major cleans­ing agent for our body have you ever been con­sti­pat­ed (hmm I bet one of the reason’s is cuz you didn’t drink ye old H2O)


Next up is.….


Man it is so hard to get sleep these days, there are so many dis­trac­tions every time i wan­na catch some zzz’s it turns out my favorite show is on, then I go on YouTube and I have so many things to watch I’m over­loaded, I’m check­ing mes­sages I’m play­ing games and watch­ing videos simul­ta­ne­ous my brain is scream­ing JUST STOP!! which is what you should do your body needs to rest it real­ly does. I’ll give you a sto­ry one night i drank so much cof­fee that i just couldn’t sleep I was super alert I  start­ed look­ing for things to do, I cleaned my room I watch movies I even washed my clothes I just could not sleep a wink (which is very bad please do not try this at home or just don’t try it …yeah just don’t) any­ways the next day I went on the road (oh did I men­tion I went to the gym in the morn­ing?) and I near­ly got hit by a car while cross­ing the street, it was so close i tell you. My sens­es were so blurred I couldn’t focus I was jit­tery and I’m pret­ty sure my eyes were red but I learned a real­ly valu­able les­son, get some sleep it is total­ly worth it and you deserve it so don’t deprive your­self.

Third on the list is.….


Yeah, dude, you knew this one was com­ing the one that you here over and over and over again and it’s here…again, exer­cise. you need this exer­cise helps build mus­cle and it also helps you main­tain mus­cle integri­ty, do you wan­na look like Hump­ty dump­ty when your 40? then be lazy this blog post is not for you, but what you should know by now is that exer­cise is good for your heart, it strength­ens your whole body and is also good for the mind, try start­ing off slow, just work your­self into a groove after awhile you will start lov­ing it. Trust me it’s a great feel­ing when you just stepped out of the gym after a good exer­cise and had a cold show­er, you feel clean, fresh and revi­tal­ized on top of this exer­cise can also help you sleep bet­ter check it out!

and final­ly.…


Hey I don’t need to men­tion this one you do it every­day trou­ble is there is good nour­ish­ment and bad nour­ish­ment, let’s stick with the good, you need to know what foods to eat to main­tain your health, let’s pose a sce­nario: if you had an expen­sive car like a Lam­borgh­i­ni or a Bugat­ti for instance and you know that only a cer­tain type of fuel could go in the engine oth­er­wise you would be dam­ag­ing the car what would you do, well that’s a no-brain­er of course you are gonna buy the fuel that’s good, wouldn’t want to mess with pre­cious would we? It is the same issue with your body think of it like an expen­sive car, you have to main­tain that car if you want it to per­form at max­i­mum and not run into car trou­ble if you know what I mean.

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