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Five foods for skin health

skin healthSmooth, silky, luscious skin, We all long for skin health but somehow it seems to elude us. Did you ever see someone who had such good looking skin that you had to wonder how they did it, i mean flawless, moist, good looking skin that just looks really healthy? Well you have come to the right place. Here we are going to explore 5 foods to give you that glowing complexion you want.

Oatmeal: mmm oatmeal goodness, I’m sure you’ve noticed the wide array of oatmeal inspired skin products on the market from lotions to soaps but if that wasn’t enough evidence that oatmeal is good for your skin let’s check with good old fashion science to tell us more. Oatmeal can be applied to the face in a mask (you might want to stay away from horses after doing this) rubbing over the face removed dead skin cells exposing beautiful fresh skin underneath. Besides clearing dead skin rubbing on oatmeal paste onto the skin clears pores and is also said to contain moisturizing fats and you know that the word moisturizing is practically synonymous with skin care

Next up is yoghurt: feeling like your skin needs a boost. Grab some yogurt a just go all gansta on your face yeah! Seriously though according to experts yogurt has been proven to do the following; moisturize, relieve sunburns and even fight acne talk about getting some samurai skin, arm yourself with some yogurt today your face will love you for it and maybe your dog(might wanna like your face even more)

Goat milk: Maaay you have some maaarvelous skin with this (ok enough with the goat talk). Goat milk is packed with vitamins to give your skin that oomph it is rich in vitamin A which is said to be essential for skin health. As with all milks it contains lactic acid which also aids in moisturizing the skin.

Spinach: yup this particular greens is not only good for Popeye (raise your hand if you got that reference ;)) it provides benefits for your skin in particular it is said to be rich in vitamin C and helps in repairing skin and keep it looking fresh. Have some spinach man.

Tomatoes: these little red vegetables¬†give your skin a boost. Tomato juice has been widely used on skin for a while now. It has moisturizing properties as well as acne fighting abilities. Tomatoes have been used to fight everything from blackheads to tightening skin pores, so don’t underestimate them. it could be the key to giving you glowing skin.

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