Five foods that improve digestion

digestionAs chil­dren we were always told eat your veg­eta­bles it is good for you, but we didn’t quite under­stand, maybe it was our taste buds or just that veg­eta­bles just seemed bor­ing as opposed to eat­ing burg­ers and fries and piz­za and sausage and.….you get the point, we kids just didn’t like veg­eta­bles. Back then we didn’t know that veg­gies helped with bow­el move­ment we just hat­ed the taste.today I’m going to talk about five foods that can aid in the diges­tion process

Leafy veg­eta­bles such as cel­ery are full of fiber and water con­tent is high and if you know any­thing about diges­tion; fiber is your friend so get lots of it. cel­ery pro­vides enough roughage to get you bow­els churn­ing out waste, cou­ple that with some exer­cise and you’ve got your­self some clean health bow­els.

Banana-Banana is like a pow­er fruit; rich in iron when green and high in potas­si­um when ripe and is also a great source of fiber. bananas aid in the smooth move­ment of waste through the intestines. bananas also con­tain pre­bi­otics that aid in the health of good bac­te­ria in the body and pro­motes gut health.

Apples are anoth­er pow­er fruit when it comes to diges­tion as it con­tains both sol­u­ble and insol­u­ble fibers. sol­u­ble fibers help you feel fuller longer while insol­u­ble fiber pro­vides bulk to your waste, aids in con­sti­pa­tion and assists in mov­ing the waste more quick­ly out of your body.

Man­go-when was the last time you had a man­go, I feel my mouth water­ing just know because man­goes are great, they have this tangy taste and are full of fla­vor and luck­i­ly enough they are great con­trib­u­tors to diges­tion, have a man­go today your body will thank you for it.

Yogurt- Mmm mmm good yogurt is packed with all sorts of nutri­ents that help your body break down food more effi­cient­ly and speeds up the elim­i­na­tion of waste from the body.


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