Five foods that improve digestion

digestionAs children we were always told eat your vegetables it is good for you, but we didn’t quite understand, maybe it was our taste buds or just that vegetables just seemed boring as opposed to eating burgers and fries and pizza and sausage and…..you get the point, we kids just didn’t like vegetables. Back then we didn’t know that veggies helped with bowel movement we just hated the taste.today I’m going to talk about five foods that can aid in the digestion process

Leafy vegetables such as celery are full of fiber and water content is high and if you know anything about digestion; fiber is your friend so get lots of it. celery provides enough roughage to get you bowels churning out waste, couple that with some exercise and you’ve got yourself some clean health bowels.

Banana-Banana is like a power fruit; rich in iron when green and high in potassium when ripe and is also a great source of fiber. bananas aid in the smooth movement of waste through the intestines. bananas also contain prebiotics that aid in the health of good bacteria in the body and promotes gut health.

Apples are another power fruit when it comes to digestionĀ as it contains both soluble and insoluble fibers. soluble fibers help you feel fuller longer while insoluble fiber provides bulk to your waste, aids in constipation and assists in moving the waste more quickly out of your body.

Mango-when was the last time you had a mango, I feel my mouth watering just know because mangoes are great, they have this tangy taste and are full of flavor and luckily enough they are great contributors to digestion, have a mango today your body will thank you for it.

Yogurt– Mmm mmm good yogurt is packed with all sorts of nutrients that help your body break down food more efficiently and speeds up the elimination of waste from the body.


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