Why do fats get such a bad rep?

FatsFats are essen­tial to our health, they pro­vide insu­la­tion from the cold, cush­ion our bones from break­ing, improve skin health,reduce can­cer risk (omega 6 fat­ty oils),contributes to build­ing more mus­cle, whew im out of breath and the list goes on peo­ple. so why does fat have such a bad rep? I mean I’m sure you have seen hun­dreds of com­mer­cials talk­ing about fat free and low fat and 0.00001% fat etc, you would think that fat is the absolute worse thing to have in your diet and you would be wrong.

Reasons why fats (natural fats) are good for you.

Fat is good for your health (goood fat that is ) but bad fat(processed prod­ucts) caus­es so many health issues, the good fat are not rec­og­nized so often. eat­ing a diet rich in nat­ur­al fat such as avo­ca­dos con­tributes to healthy skin, for example;not only is avo­ca­do used as a mask, avo­ca­do oil can act as a nat­ur­al sun­screen (take that SPF500!)

Fats like omega 3 fat­ty acids are essen­tial ingre­di­ents to health and is proven to boost not only skin and hair health but is uni­ver­sal­ly rec­og­nized as being ben­e­fi­cial to heart health. do you still think fats are bad? Lets con­sid­er some fat free prod­ucts, it sheds a dark light on fats and has you think­ing hmm maybe fat is bad for my health(because when you hear the words fat free your brain has been con­di­tioned to think it is healthy), when actu­al­ly these fat free foods are soo loaded with sug­ar that they cause you to gain weight faster than a bear hiber­nat­ing for win­ter.

Fat and par­tic­u­lar­ly nat­ur­al fat should have a part in every diet. Fat also aids in the absorp­tion of cer­tain vit­a­mins in the body. There are cer­tain vit­a­mins that are referred to as fat sol­u­ble vit­a­mins. vit­a­mins A, D, E and K all rely on fat for absorp­tion, now do you see the impor­tance of fat in your diet? its like a chain reac­tion because vit­a­min A is known to be essen­tial for vision, D is great at pro­mot­ing bone health (did I men­tion that fat can reduce your risk of osteo­poro­sis?). vit­a­min E is said to be good for the immune sys­tem and K is use­ful in clot­ting the blood (can you pic­ture just bleed­ing with­out any clot­ting, not a pret­ty thought right?).

So you see revere nat­ur­al fat (don’t eat too much though) because it is ben­e­fi­cial to health as much as the oth­er vit­a­mins and min­er­als out there.

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