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Questions to ask before creating an info product

financial planningInformation has always been valuable, in fact from the earliest of times, kings had spies on their payroll who reported back to them important information on their enemies. We live in the information age and although times have changed the value of good information has not diminished, people will still pay to learn in fact we’ve been doing this for decades when you might ask? Well take a look at universities courses are basically info products because they sell you on the idea of higher education and becoming smarter and gaining more skills. Knowledge is power but it also has a price tag and with good reason.

Imagine if you had the knowledge of the exact step by step method to become a millionaire and it was laid out for you how much would you pay for this information (certainly not a million dollars right because if you had that kind of money that would already mean you were a millionaire, but we can all agree that it would be a lot.) What makes information valuable is how well it solves a problem, if you are poor you want to solve that problem by becoming rich.

If you want to learn a skill you want to learn the fastest and the best way to learn it. Info products have been sold for a long time as you can see it wasn’t long ago that libraries and bookstores were stacked high with books nowadays it’s all digital but the same applies; you have to pay for knowledge.

Info products take many forms from videos to hardcover books, audiobooks, tutorials etc. So let’s cut all the flabber jabber how do you create a compelling info product? Here we will discuss the steps in detail but first, you have to ask yourself these questions:

What do you want to write about?

Is there an interest in my topic? (is there a market?)

Is this information already out there?

How effective is the competition at bringing the point across?

Is there room for improvement?

What knowledge do you want to convey?

These questions are very important before you get started. No one wants to write about spark plugs when people’s interest is on smartphones. That is like putting yourself in the desert and praying for rain to fall, sure it might happen but what are the odds of that? You want floods of people who are interested in your story so you have to give the people what they want.

Leave a comment if you learned something and as always; stay focused.


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