Climbing Towards Your Dreams

dreamsHave you ever been rock climb­ing? Do you ever crick your neck look­ing at the sum­mit? It looks far doesn’t it? It looks unat­tain­able, but when you start climb­ing and you start tak­ing it rock by rock, hand over hand you are get­ting clos­er to your dreams. Have you ever watched mis­sion impos­si­ble 2 where tom cruise begins that steep climb? Do you see how dif­fi­cult it is. Your climb will be dif­fi­cult but reward­ing, don’t look down because you’re look­ing in the past, that feel­ing of ver­ti­go is the feel­ing of the past try­ing to pull you back try­ing to slow you from your goal. Reach for the sky,man had a dream to go to the moon and he did think of this giant fete as a tes­ta­ment to what we can do if we reach for our dreams.
Don’t let naysay­ers destroy your abil­i­ty to reach your dreams, they are like the wind blow­ing on you and try­ing to get you to fal­ter but you have your har­ness so you have sup­port. Your har­ness is your group of peo­ple who sup­port you in reach­ing your dream, nobody gets to the top alone. The climb will be rocky and you will want to rest that’s Okay as long as you keep aim­ing for the top. You will see peo­ple who take a short­cut to get to the top, don’t be wor­ried they have just robbed them­selves of the mind­set, heart and deter­mi­na­tion you have devel­oped by mak­ing the climb, this will pre­pare you for big­ger cliffs ahead;that short­cut only works on one cliff, the men­tal for­ti­tude you have devel­oped will stay with you for your entire life, while your short­cut tak­ing friend has gained noth­ing last­ing. What peo­ple fail to under­stand is that yes you are aim­ing for a dream but it’s not just the dream but who you become in pur­suit of the dream, the man who takes the easy way out, who ops for short term suc­cess is rob­bing him­self every sin­gle time. Don’t just pay atten­tion to the jour­ney and what it entails watch how it slow­ly molds you until you become who you need to be to have your dream.

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