Climbing Towards Your Dreams

dreamsHave you ever been rock climbing? Do you ever crick your neck looking at the summit? It looks far doesn’t it? It looks unattainable, but when you start climbing and you start taking it rock by rock, hand over hand you are getting closer to your dreams. Have you ever watched mission impossible 2 where tom cruise begins that steep climb? Do you see how difficult it is. Your climb will be difficult but rewarding, don’t look down because you’re looking in the past, that feeling of vertigo is the feeling of the past trying to pull you back trying to slow you from your goal. Reach for the sky,man had a dream to go to the moon and he did think of this giant fete as a testament to what we can do if we reach for our dreams.
Don’t let naysayers destroy your ability to reach your dreams, they are like the wind blowing on you and trying to get you to falter but you have your harness so you have support. Your harness is your group of people who support you in reaching your dream, nobody gets to the top alone. The climb will be rocky and you will want to rest that’s Okay as long as you keep aiming for the top. You will see people who take a shortcut to get to the top, don’t be worried they have just robbed themselves of the mindset, heart and determination you have developed by making the climb, this will prepare you for bigger cliffs ahead;that shortcut only works on one cliff, the mental fortitude you have developed will stay with you for your entire life, while your shortcut taking friend has gained nothing lasting. What people fail to understand is that yes you are aiming for a dream but it’s not just the dream but who you become in pursuit of the dream, the man who takes the easy way out, who ops for short term success is robbing himself every single time. Don’t just pay attention to the journey and what it entails watch how it slowly molds you until you become who you need to be to have your dream.

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