water retention

Cause and treatment of water retention

water retentionWater retention is when the body retains water (big surprise there I bet you never saw that one coming). Water retention causes tenderness and swelling, particularly around the abdomen.

There are several reasons why water is retained. One reason is that it could be caused by health condition with the heart, kidneys, liver or with a thyroid concern. Most importantly, a person’s body will retain water if he or she consumes food that is too high in salt.

Water retention symptoms

There are certain symptoms of water retention such as the swelling of ankles, hands and feet. Experiencing a bloated tummy. a stiffness or aching in the body. a fluctuation in weight.

Joints feeling stiff and noticing an indent in the skin when pressed. Other causes of water retention are a reaction to hot weather, a swelling reaction to burns, hormones related to the menstrual cycle, medications, and pregnancy.

Water retention treatments

Keep in mind; there are various treatments for water retention that help such as eating more protein, seeking a change in medication, wearing support stockings(for women of course). Eating more bananas, acupuncture and cutting back on tea, coffee, and alcohol.

Other things that can help lessen water retention are: drinking cranberry juice, drinking more water ironic as it seems, the reason for this is that your body is trying to retain water because it registers water shortage within the body and also because salts in your food are anhydrous meaning they do not contain water, the thing is that anhydrous salts absorb water from their surroundings causing you to retain water.

Drinking more water flushes your system of these salts reducing and eliminating the retention of water. Eating a healthy and balanced diet which include a lot of grains vegetables and high fiber foods is also helpful. Some have also found relief with this concern by exercising or taking a water pill.

There are many reasons why water retention occurs such as having a reaction to hot weather, going through a menstrual cycle, medications, and pregnancy. It is important to keep in mind that if water retention becomes a daily occurrence, then one should talk with his or her physician as soon as possible because it could be a sign of a serious health concern. Find out more about this health concern from your doctor, today!

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