water retention

Cause and treatment of water retention

water retentionWater reten­tion is when the body retains water (big sur­prise there I bet you nev­er saw that one com­ing). Water reten­tion caus­es ten­der­ness and swelling, par­tic­u­lar­ly around the abdomen.

There are sev­er­al rea­sons why water is retained. One rea­son is that it could be caused by health con­di­tion with the heart, kid­neys, liv­er or with a thy­roid con­cern. Most impor­tant­ly, a person’s body will retain water if he or she con­sumes food that is too high in salt.

Water retention symptoms

There are cer­tain symp­toms of water reten­tion such as the swelling of ankles, hands and feet. Expe­ri­enc­ing a bloat­ed tum­my. a stiff­ness or aching in the body. a fluc­tu­a­tion in weight.

Joints feel­ing stiff and notic­ing an indent in the skin when pressed. Oth­er caus­es of water reten­tion are a reac­tion to hot weath­er, a swelling reac­tion to burns, hor­mones relat­ed to the men­stru­al cycle, med­ica­tions, and preg­nan­cy.

Water retention treatments

Keep in mind; there are var­i­ous treat­ments for water reten­tion that help such as eat­ing more pro­tein, seek­ing a change in med­ica­tion, wear­ing sup­port stockings(for women of course). Eat­ing more bananas, acupunc­ture and cut­ting back on tea, cof­fee, and alco­hol.

Oth­er things that can help lessen water reten­tion are: drink­ing cran­ber­ry juice, drink­ing more water iron­ic as it seems, the rea­son for this is that your body is try­ing to retain water because it reg­is­ters water short­age with­in the body and also because salts in your food are anhy­drous mean­ing they do not con­tain water, the thing is that anhy­drous salts absorb water from their sur­round­ings caus­ing you to retain water.

Drink­ing more water flush­es your sys­tem of these salts reduc­ing and elim­i­nat­ing the reten­tion of water. Eat­ing a healthy and bal­anced diet which include a lot of grains veg­eta­bles and high fiber foods is also help­ful. Some have also found relief with this con­cern by exer­cis­ing or tak­ing a water pill.

There are many rea­sons why water reten­tion occurs such as hav­ing a reac­tion to hot weath­er, going through a men­stru­al cycle, med­ica­tions, and preg­nan­cy. It is impor­tant to keep in mind that if water reten­tion becomes a dai­ly occur­rence, then one should talk with his or her physi­cian as soon as pos­si­ble because it could be a sign of a seri­ous health con­cern. Find out more about this health con­cern from your doc­tor, today!

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