6 Great ways to relieve stress

relieve stress

Stress affects every­one. Stress comes in many forms. It is also respon­si­ble for many health prob­lems. this blog post we are going to exam­ine six ways to relieve stress in your body. Many times we get caught up in the things that are hap­pen­ing in our every­day lives. Every­day our devices throw infor­ma­tion at us. We … Read more


5 awesome strategies to lose weight

lose weight

Try­ing to lose weight these days is like try­ing to swim up a water­fall. Now unless you are some freak of nature you know that’s impossible.To say its dif­fi­cult for some peo­ple is an under­state­ment plus it can get real­ly bor­ing but don’t despair. My aim in this blog post is to give you some … Read more


13 Great tips to have amazing glowing skin

glowing skin

very­body wants to have great skin, but not every­one knows how to get it. Today the skin care indus­try is worth about 121 Bil­lion dol­lars (yes that’s bil­lion with a “B”) accord­ing to statista.com. That num­ber alone shows that peo­ple are inter­est­ed in skin health. Many of s go about our every day lives with­out real­iz­ing that reg­u­lar … Read more


5 awesome secrets for teeth whitening


eeth are very impor­tant. No one wants to smile and be look­ing like Cap­tain Salazar from pirates of the caribbean (ugh). Peo­ple respond to how pleas­ant our face looks. if you have bad teeth it’s going to affect that killer first impres­sion unless you plan on remain­ing mum. This approach might make you look like … Read more


10 Easy tips & home remedies to fight the common cold

& home remedies to fight the common cold">common-cold

If you live on earth and you’ve nev­er had the cold I don’t know what to say to you except you’re an alien. For all my oth­er snif­fle Bros let’s talk about some great tips  and home reme­dies that will relieve you of the uncom­fort­able feel­ing that comes with catch­ing a cold. Hon­ey and lime This com­bo … Read more


Does Fat-Free Mean Healthy?


Fat-free stuff is all over the super­mar­ket. Every­where you turn there is a box that says fat-free. Beat­ing the mes­sage into your skull that it quite def­i­nite­ly is free of fat. The ques­tion is, does fat-free auto­mat­i­cal­ly means that it’s healthy for you? The major­i­ty of peo­ple have a bad con­no­ta­tion towards fat (you can … Read more


Preventing kidney disease

kidney disease

The kid­neys are two of the most under­rat­ed organs in the body. The kid­neys per­form vital process­es for the body to func­tion. The two fist-sized organs near your back play an impor­tant role in remov­ing waste from your body. The kid­neys are part of the body’s main­te­nance sys­tem. They fil­ter the blood to remove urine … Read more

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