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Building a money making app

money making appHow would you like to build your own money making app? well listen closely;Have you ever played candy crush? you know that game that seems to be addictive as crack and has everyone of your Facebook friends sending you messages to pass those drop dead hard┬álevels?( I wouldn’t know I’ve never played ­čśë┬á┬áI’ve seen what it does to people) yup that game. What if you could actually create your own gaming app and make money from it? wouldn’t that be cool? Smartphones have completely taken over the market and there are thousands of apps that you can download for these gadgets, the phone app industry is a multi-million dollar industry that you can tap into, if you are interested in building apps for mobile phones. There are certain steps involved when trying to build the next million dollar app and there is actually a program you can go through that actually teaches you how to do this.Now wait before You say “well I don’t know how to code how can I build an app?” this program has you covered. anymore excuse like : “uh my hand is broken I can’t type” guys what the guy who started this platform got his arm injured when he first got into the app business, anymore excuses you wanna make hold em and read first:

so how do you build a money making app?

My app empire is a product launched by Chad Mureta. This guy started his app empire from a hospital bed, while he had an injured arm no less (need inspiration take a page out of this guy’s┬ás Book) it is said that when a man looses control of his limbs he generally begins to use his mind a lot more, becoming more creative and innovative, well that is true when it comes to this guy. He literal runs his business from his phone becoming a full fledged millionaire.

so how can you be like chad? ┬ádon’t be afraid of programming because Chad Mureta openly admits that he doesn’t know how to write code, he finds programmers to do that for him and his program can show you how to conceptualize,visualize, draw your app and outsource talent to implement. All you need to start is your imagination to start, ask yourself what do I wish they had an app for? you can also do your own research and check out the app competition for that particular app, download it read the comments, what are the complaints? how would you improve on it? then start drafting an app.┬áThe app market is red hot right now and I think this would be a good time to get in on the action and make some passive income while your at it.


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