How your beliefs determine your success

beliefsBeliefs guide our lives and they determine how we live our lives. They are like programs. They run in the background of our minds whether we are aware of it or not. You can almost tell a person’s psychology by looking at and interacting with them. A nun would never show her legs because she believes that is indecent and that the body should be covered properly. A fashionista, however, relishes the prospect of showing a little skin here and there because she loves attention and believes beauty should be accentuated and celebrated.

A monk believes in being acetic and living a humble lifestyle that makes him more spiritual, while a playboy loves luxurious cars and big houses he loves having abundance while the monk is self-deprecating two complete opposites.

Beliefs usually start from we are young. A mother told her son over and over that he would turn out just as his father did ;a murderer.  Sure enough, he became a serial killer when he grew up because he was programmed to be that way.

Words have power,when his mother told him he would become a murderer repeatedly he eventually believed her and that belief guided him throughout his life. Similarly and oppositely a mother who encouraged her son and strengthened his belief in himself and told him every day that he was special and that he had a purpose saw her son grow up to be a respected man.

We choose our beliefs every day

We choose what to believe every day. There are so many negative beliefs in the world. this is why you must guard your mind every single day to ensure that no limiting beliefs get into your head. Negative beliefs are like a virus they take over your mind if you let it. a virus tends to multiply and make more of itself so does negative beliefs, the more negative and limiting beliefs you have the more negative and limiting beliefs you attract to yourself.

You can strengthen your positive beliefs. What is the difference between a person who gives up and a person who forges ahead no matter what? Their psychology! The person who quits tells himself that he can’t go any further he tells himself that this is it (not saying that there isn’t a virtue in knowing when to quit) the person who pushes beyond tells himself he does have any limits.

He has a strong why he knows that beyond that urge to quit is a victory. What are your beliefs? Evaluate yourself, many times we don’t know if what we believe is justified. You could have it all wrong find out the truth.

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