How your beliefs determine your success

beliefsBeliefs guide our lives and they deter­mine how we live our lives. They are like pro­grams. They run in the back­ground of our minds whether we are aware of it or not. You can almost tell a person’s psy­chol­o­gy by look­ing at and inter­act­ing with them. A nun would nev­er show her legs because she believes that is inde­cent and that the body should be cov­ered prop­er­ly. A fash­ion­ista, how­ev­er, rel­ish­es the prospect of show­ing a lit­tle skin here and there because she loves atten­tion and believes beau­ty should be accen­tu­at­ed and cel­e­brat­ed.

A monk believes in being acetic and liv­ing a hum­ble lifestyle that makes him more spir­i­tu­al, while a play­boy loves lux­u­ri­ous cars and big hous­es he loves hav­ing abun­dance while the monk is self-dep­re­cat­ing two com­plete oppo­sites.

Beliefs usu­al­ly start from we are young. A moth­er told her son over and over that he would turn out just as his father did ;a mur­der­er.  Sure enough, he became a ser­i­al killer when he grew up because he was pro­grammed to be that way.

Words have power,when his moth­er told him he would become a mur­der­er repeat­ed­ly he even­tu­al­ly believed her and that belief guid­ed him through­out his life. Sim­i­lar­ly and oppo­site­ly a moth­er who encour­aged her son and strength­ened his belief in him­self and told him every day that he was spe­cial and that he had a pur­pose saw her son grow up to be a respect­ed man.

We choose our beliefs every day

We choose what to believe every day. There are so many neg­a­tive beliefs in the world. this is why you must guard your mind every sin­gle day to ensure that no lim­it­ing beliefs get into your head. Neg­a­tive beliefs are like a virus they take over your mind if you let it. a virus tends to mul­ti­ply and make more of itself so does neg­a­tive beliefs, the more neg­a­tive and lim­it­ing beliefs you have the more neg­a­tive and lim­it­ing beliefs you attract to your­self.

You can strength­en your pos­i­tive beliefs. What is the dif­fer­ence between a per­son who gives up and a per­son who forges ahead no mat­ter what? Their psy­chol­o­gy! The per­son who quits tells him­self that he can’t go any fur­ther he tells him­self that this is it (not say­ing that there isn’t a virtue in know­ing when to quit) the per­son who push­es beyond tells him­self he does have any lim­its.

He has a strong why he knows that beyond that urge to quit is a vic­to­ry. What are your beliefs? Eval­u­ate your­self, many times we don’t know if what we believe is jus­ti­fied. You could have it all wrong find out the truth.

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