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The Beauty Of One Partner

one partnerIf you read my blog post on avoiding mental clutter (click this link to read about how to have more focus in life) this blog post is a bit similar. ?Nowadays it seems that people who have multiple partners are praised for this act. Which if you ask me is a bad idea if you are aiming to be successful (not just financially).

First of all, let’s talk about the risks you are putting yourself through by having several different partners. Apart from the extra nagging, you have increased exposure to sexual diseases, trust issues causing the relationship to be one of jealousy and resentment. You don’t have time to know one person properly and did I mention it is more affordable to have one partner.These are just a few benefits of having one partner

You are taking away from your spiritual health and by extension your spiritual growth. I’m not overly religious (and that is something you should know being spiritual and being religious are two different things in my book anyway) but when you do things like being unfaithful it suppresses your conscience. You have feelings of guilt and remorse which are all negative feelings.

These feelings put you in a negative mental state and it does take a toll on your mental health. So why go through it?

Having one partner is more fulfilling

Many would say I’m naive and that you can’t trust one sex or the other so it is best to keep one on the side just in case one doesn’t work out, but what you are missing is that both(or multiple) relationships will suffer if you approach things that way.

Why not find one good person to be your partner and cultivate a relationship of trust?I can tell you that having one partner who loves you is way more fulfilling than watching your back and thinking about relationships in a fearful way like what if this person cheats or if they hurt you?

You are going to get hurt that is how life is.That doesn’t mean that you have to think of a relationship like having a backup battery I mean when in history have you ever seen this work out for the better? Just saying.

It all comes down to self-control and preferences some may agree some may disagree.Leave your comments below do you think it’s okay to have multiple partners and why?

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