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The Beauty Of One Partner

one partnerIf you read my blog post on avoid­ing men­tal clut­ter (click this link to read about how to have more focus in life) this blog post is a bit sim­i­lar. ?Nowa­days it seems that peo­ple who have mul­ti­ple part­ners are praised for this act. Which if you ask me is a bad idea if you are aim­ing to be suc­cess­ful (not just finan­cial­ly).

First of all, let’s talk about the risks you are putting your­self through by hav­ing sev­er­al dif­fer­ent part­ners. Apart from the extra nag­ging, you have increased expo­sure to sex­u­al dis­eases, trust issues caus­ing the rela­tion­ship to be one of jeal­ousy and resent­ment. You don’t have time to know one per­son prop­er­ly and did I men­tion it is more afford­able to have one partner.These are just a few ben­e­fits of hav­ing one part­ner

You are tak­ing away from your spir­i­tu­al health and by exten­sion your spir­i­tu­al growth. I’m not over­ly reli­gious (and that is some­thing you should know being spir­i­tu­al and being reli­gious are two dif­fer­ent things in my book any­way) but when you do things like being unfaith­ful it sup­press­es your con­science. You have feel­ings of guilt and remorse which are all neg­a­tive feel­ings.

These feel­ings put you in a neg­a­tive men­tal state and it does take a toll on your men­tal health. So why go through it?

Having one partner is more fulfilling

Many would say I’m naive and that you can’t trust one sex or the oth­er so it is best to keep one on the side just in case one doesn’t work out, but what you are miss­ing is that both(or mul­ti­ple) rela­tion­ships will suf­fer if you approach things that way.

Why not find one good per­son to be your part­ner and cul­ti­vate a rela­tion­ship of trust?I can tell you that hav­ing one part­ner who loves you is way more ful­fill­ing than watch­ing your back and think­ing about rela­tion­ships in a fear­ful way like what if this per­son cheats or if they hurt you?

You are going to get hurt that is how life is.That doesn’t mean that you have to think of a rela­tion­ship like hav­ing a back­up bat­tery I mean when in his­to­ry have you ever seen this work out for the bet­ter? Just say­ing.

It all comes down to self-con­trol and pref­er­ences some may agree some may disagree.Leave your com­ments below do you think it’s okay to have mul­ti­ple part­ners and why?

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