air pollution

Air Pollution:The Air We Breathe

air pollutionWe need air (I’m sure you all know this) it is essential to our survival but what effects does dirty air have on our health. Many of us take air pollution lightly because many times we can’t see what we are breathing in but we are breathing dirty air every day. If you have been following the news over the years you will find out about how air pollution is wreaking a havoc in certain parts of China.
So what does air pollution do to you for starters it is bad for your lungs if you have been in a dusty room you will know what I’m talking about polluted air puts a strain on your lungs. Polluted air is one of the reasons some children develop asthma and have a difficult time breathing throughout life because their lungs are not strong. Every day we are breathing in particles that are slowly killing us, smoke from some factories have been shown to even contain benzene a compound said to cause cancer.
Be careful what you breathe, pollution from car emissions should not be taken lightly, don’t use an aerosol spray in enclosed areas. Breathe is life people and if you are looking to have good health before we think about dieting, weight loss, exercising we have to think of the air we breathe. Can you imagine you are exercising to extract toxins from our bodies while breathing it back in at the same time? that is the definition of counterproductive. Our bodies operate more efficiently with clean air and we are slowly killing ourselves and damaging our lungs by breathing in polluted air, no wonder we get sick so often, we forget that air is the number one fuel our body needs before anything else (well besides water) if you live in an area where air pollution is a problem you need to escape.
It’s something to think about we concern ourselves with eating right and trying to be as healthy as possible but the air we breathe is a major contributing factor.

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