air pollution

Air Pollution:The Air We Breathe

air pollutionWe need air (I’m sure you all know this) it is essen­tial to our sur­vival but what effects does dirty air have on our health. Many of us take air pol­lu­tion light­ly because many times we can’t see what we are breath­ing in but we are breath­ing dirty air every day. If you have been fol­low­ing the news over the years you will find out about how air pol­lu­tion is wreak­ing a hav­oc in cer­tain parts of Chi­na.
So what does air pol­lu­tion do to you for starters it is bad for your lungs if you have been in a dusty room you will know what I’m talk­ing about pol­lut­ed air puts a strain on your lungs. Pol­lut­ed air is one of the rea­sons some chil­dren devel­op asth­ma and have a dif­fi­cult time breath­ing through­out life because their lungs are not strong. Every day we are breath­ing in par­ti­cles that are slow­ly killing us, smoke from some fac­to­ries have been shown to even con­tain ben­zene a com­pound said to cause can­cer.
Be care­ful what you breathe, pol­lu­tion from car emis­sions should not be tak­en light­ly, don’t use an aerosol spray in enclosed areas. Breathe is life peo­ple and if you are look­ing to have good health before we think about diet­ing, weight loss, exer­cis­ing we have to think of the air we breathe. Can you imag­ine you are exer­cis­ing to extract tox­ins from our bod­ies while breath­ing it back in at the same time? that is the def­i­n­i­tion of coun­ter­pro­duc­tive. Our bod­ies oper­ate more effi­cient­ly with clean air and we are slow­ly killing our­selves and dam­ag­ing our lungs by breath­ing in pol­lut­ed air, no won­der we get sick so often, we for­get that air is the num­ber one fuel our body needs before any­thing else (well besides water) if you live in an area where air pol­lu­tion is a prob­lem you need to escape.
It’s some­thing to think about we con­cern our­selves with eat­ing right and try­ing to be as healthy as pos­si­ble but the air we breathe is a major con­tribut­ing fac­tor.

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