Richie Wong profile pictureThanks for visiting my about page. I am a motivated and motivational individual who likes to inspire people to improve themselves and their lives.

I am a 6 ft 4 inches tall dude and although I have the last name Wong I don’t think I look the least bit Chinese (I mean have you see that face? pure %100 black man) so how did I get my name It’s a long story and trust me I’ve been asked a lot of times.

I like writing, reading, inspiring and creative works, self development and positive energy. It is an honor thank you for taking the time out of your day to read about me.

About this Blog

This blog serves as an avenue to motivate, inspire and educate people about health and wealth. Take time out of your day and read an inspirational or motivational post it could brighten your day. Health is an important topic here, you can read great posts on keeping your body healthy.

Also check out the finances category. Read all about creating wealth, investing and how to make money online.

I also share products which are helpful and business ideas which I think would be good for start-ups.

You may be wondering about the logo. Each aspect of the logo represents the following; the gold color  depicts wealth and prosperity. The brain represents the mind and having a motivational mentality. The tree sprouting represents growth. An oasis is a place  in a dessert that has water, greenery and is flourishing. This Blog aims to be an oasis of information. Hence the name GOLDMINDOASIS.

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