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8 of the worst degrees for the job market today.

worst degreesDegrees today are expensive and can basically cost you an arm and a leg depending on what career path you plan to take. Therefore it is very important to know if the degree you are pursuing will provide you with marketable skills when you complete your course.

Many people jump on the bandwagon of their friends and just pursue a degree because their friends are doing it. They don’t give any thought to what they really want to spend their lives doing. They end up getting a degree which they hate and worse than this, one that is unmarketable and will yield little results in the money department.

In addition, to being expensive degree costs keep going up. According to business insider the most expensive  college degrees can cost well over $us 200,000. Some of these degrees have a very bad return on investment. In fact you would find that you would be better off using the money to start a business.

Why you would want to submit yourself to the hardship of college and university, spending thousands of dollars to earn hundreds is baffling.

Also according the cheetsheet.com the right major makes the difference between being employed and underemployed or even worst; unemployed.

You have to be wise when making the decision to go to college. How much do you think people would pay you for a degree in cutting grass? You might be the best grass cutter, but let’s face it; how much value are you adding to society?

It’s all about the perceived value you are adding. If a degree is in demand you are likely to be paid more than if there is a low demand. Simple economics.

Think of your degree like a product. There are products that are evergreen. People buy them all year round such as toiletries or food. Then you have products that people only buy at Christmas. You don’t want to be that last one. Yeah Christmas is nice but it only comes once a year.


So in order to assist you in making the best choice for higher learning let’s discuss 5 of the worst degrees to pursue today

1.Anthropology and Archaeology

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According to Forbes.com anthropology and archaeology have an unemployment rate of about 10.5 percent for recent grads. This makes it  one of the worse degrees to spend your time and money on. It’s not just unemployment rates that are bad though. It’s also earning potential. Guess you don’t get a lot of glamour studying rocks and cave men.

Think about it though ; people respond to tangible results and the issue with archeology is that many archeologists may go their entire lives without making a major find. I mean how many lost cities are there? And do you find it exciting. You may be watching a little bit too much of Indiana Jones. So if you don’t want to spend your life literally in the past try a more modern major.

2.fine arts

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Another degree with poor earning potential and high unemployment is fine arts. Ah the fine arts. The  beauty of breath taking art seems to be not enough to lower its 12.6 percent unemployment rate. That’s a crazy number.  But you have to think, who’s really buying fine art nowadays? I could be wrong but it just feels like it would be obvious that this degree is not that marketable. After all it’s called fine art for a reason not every body can afford to buy it and additionally not everyone wants to buy it. I think this generation has even less appreciation for fine arts than the one that preceded it.


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History is another of the worst degrees with low earning potential. I guess everyone else still finds history boring (yawn) . I’m not saying history is not important but with over 10 percent of recent graduates facing unemployment it’s just not a good investment. A guy from Reddit. com expressed regret in his choice of degree.

Having done history his advice is to pair it with another major to make yourself more marketable.

4.English language and literature.

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This next one is a doozy: English language and literature. Unemployment for this degree is around 9 percent. English is important but bank books don’t appear to be reflecting that. Most graduates end up teaching making around 30k per year. Opportunities lie outside of typical employment for this group however. Because of the rising blogosphere I believe these guys have an added edge. They could write stellar blogs and write books they can self publish on a variety of platforms. So they do have skills that can be useful just not in the confines of employment.

So it’s not all doom and gloom for all the holders of these degrees. They can transition into something else.

5. Religious studies.

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Next up is religious studies. Now I’m sure you expected this to be on the list . The earning potential of this degree has never been anything to write home about . Unemployment is high and yearly salaries are low.

6. Psychology

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Psychology,  You could end up being your own therapist with this one. People don’t have the same reverence for Psychology like they do medicine. Because by definition Psychology is of the mind and because we cannot see we don’t put a lot of stock in it. Many of us might actually think the profession is worthless which is reflected in the job market. The unemployment rates are  high around 5.8% according to verywell.com  and although there is hope for some, makes it one of the worst degrees for today’s job market

Many of us secretly  think psychologists are nuts half the time. Unlike medicine where we can see the tangible results either through surgery or even the pill to fight the common cold. With psychology it’s much more subtle and we humans like subtle we want to see results. It can take many sessions for people to get over traumatic events in their lives and we all want to see results instantly. This makes therapy unappealing to most, so they use drugs to get faster results . moreover people can relapse which makes people wonder if psychology really works.

7. Liberal arts.   

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Liberal arts is another degree that makes a poor career choice. With unemployment rates of around the 10% region.  This makes it one of the worst degrees to pursue. No one wants to sit down and listen to stories of Homer when they would rather watch the latest season of game of thrones(go Denaerys 🙂 ).

Liberal arts is quite  boring to a majority of people and they offer no real practical real world application. This career is not worth getting into debt for you may very well remain in debt after your student loans catch up with you.


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This degree may sound good (pun intended) but it doesn’t look good on paper.  Over 9 percent are unemployed and the median earnings are below $50,000 per year.

To conclude college degrees are a big deal. They literally chart the rest of your life and if you make a bad choice now regarding your employment future it will be difficult to come back from.

Now although these are said to be the worst degrees and their  earning potential might be dismal, you can earn a living other ways. You may have people in these fields who are making a ton of money but it may not be from their job. So if you are already a holder of one of those degrees and you are working, you can buy assets to slowing build your wealth and maybe look at transitioning Into another field. If you are unemployed, you can start a business.

Today technology allows people to start and run businesses from anywhere in the world. So if you did do a psychology degree and you don’t know what to do with it start a blog or YouTube channel and share your information. People like consuming interesting content. Turn that degree into an asset and employ yourself. Today it is time to think outside the box not everyone who graduates will get a job it’s just not possible.

there are not enough businesses to employ everyone. But everyone who graduates can start a business.

I was watching a video the other day about motivation and being a value giver not a taker by the motivational speaker Stephan Pylarinos . He has a great blog you can check out at projectlifemastery.com, he has awesome content. Anyway in the video he talks about being a value adder not a value taker. When you think about it there is  always something you can give. Giving is never ending but when you take eventually the well runs dry. If you understand what I mean.

Sorry I went on a tangent but there you have it 5 of the worse degrees for today’s job market. I hope you found this post helpful. Please leave a like on my Facebook page, comment or subscribe to my blog for more content like this and stay focused. Peace.


source: businessinsider.com


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