6 authentic tips to conquer fear in your life.

fearHave you ever wondered why some people wake up enthusiastic about their day? while some people look like the next season of the walking dead about to happen? How do some people pursue their goals with such unrelenting passion and vigor? you can just see the energy that they have for what they do.The reason this is possible is because they have overcome fear in their lives. They have transcended them.

Today I’m going to talk about 6 tips to help you to overcome your fears. these are the fears that every human has in one form or the other.

First of all what are fears and why do we get them? Fear is a defense mechanism. it’s your body’s alarm system to let you know that it senses danger or unknown variables. We are often afraid of the unknown and uncertainty. In fact the two greatest fears are said to be the fear of poverty and the fear of death according to the book: Outwitting the devil by Napoleon Hill.

You can check out the audio-book on YouTube by clicking on the link above. It’s a great read, is engaging and sometimes chilling. Keep an open mind when reading though it may seem a little trippy but it offers sound advice for anyone who is interested in reading and who is a sound thinker.

The book is the basis of this post because it outlines 6 basic fears that almost every human has.

These fears are:

  • Poverty
  • Criticism
  • Illness
  • Old age
  • Loss of love
  • Death


These are all natural fears which we need to overcome in order to live our dreams.

Fear of poverty

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Do you remember that parable in the Bible about the 3 men who were given talents (or gold) by their master. Each got a different amount of talents. While two of the men multiplied their earnings one of them buried his because he feared losing it.

When the master came back he requested that each man show him their talents. While he was impressed with the first two that they had multiplied theirs, he was disappointed in the man who hid his. He then took the man’s talent and gave it to the man with the most.

The moral of the story is this: being afraid of losing something often ends with the exact fear you were trying to avoid being realized. Instead of using the talent to earn more talents, the man held on to it. This is the same way our mindset works when we have a fear of poverty. We hold on to our money which is depreciating in value. Instead of allowing our money to work for us.

how this fear affects your finances

This is the difference between saving and investing. Saving is the safe mentality but you get less return. It is the hoarding mentality. Of course I would be a fool not to say you should not save but saving alone won’t help you to grow as fast as investing.

Investing is the risk or as I like to call it the faith mentality. You might have greater loss with investing but you will also have greater returns.You can see how this fear stops you from growing in your life.

Tip: If you fear poverty invest more. Do the opposite of the natural reaction to fearing it. The natural reaction would be to hoard and be stingy with your money, you have to go against this feeling. give more. when you give, more actually comes back to you.

Fear of criticism

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A lot of people live their lives afraid of what people who have absolutely no influence on their life might say of them. In the words of the motivational speaker Les Brown “they don’t pay your bills” what makes them an authority in your life?

The reason we are afraid of criticism is the natural need for us to appear as one of the crowd. when we are young most of us focus on fitting in instead of standing out.according to tinybuddha.com, we all judge and criticize people. In fact we do this ever day. we have a tendency to critique everything we come across, you’re probably critiquing this blog post right now.

Every body gets criticized no matter how big, popular great you think people are.  There are always haters. Use criticism to grow yourself, some people do offer constructive criticism but there are others that are just focused on tearing you down. Criticism is a major fear for a lot of people and it can dictate the course of your entire life.

How criticism affects your life

Say you had a family that had a tradition of working every day of their lives and relying on a pension (those days are going  fast)  and you decided to break the mold and start a business. You would get criticized it’s natural for you to have that fear because you are stepping outside your comfort zone. What you should do is to find other people who have done what you are trying to do and who faced criticism themselves and who overcame the criticism and became better.

The irony of the situation is that many times the people who originally criticized you when you were starting out will want to learn from you when they see you making progress in your life. The thing is they were afraid to do what you did so they criticized you for it. This attracts more fear and before you know  it they start creating reasons for not doing something that is usually an excuse.

Tip: If you have a fear of being criticized. Find other people who were in similar situations and persevered. Also develop your self confidence to not care about what people say;they are often the first to congratulate you on your achievements. They may also be the first to ask you how you achieved your goal. Humans are visual so keep working. keep striving and let your results speak for themselves.

Fear of Ill Health

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Many people are afraid of getting some form of disease or ailment. As a result they are super paranoid about  certain countries and they just fear getting sick. Usually the fear is unfounded and what is worst we don’t know what diseases we may have inherited. So don’t worry about what you have no control over.

Being afraid of illness is natural. it is apart of our survival mechanism. in the far past illness usually meant death as there weren’t any effective medical remedies for certain illnesses. over time we grew to fear becoming sick. Also with sickness comes pain and suffering and no one wants to feel these things.

Tip: If you fear getting sick don’t be paranoid. Ensure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals in your body. This will strengthen your immune system. take care of your body and it will take care of you.

Fear of Old Age

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Old age is inevitable. We all age and if we are lucky wisdom comes with age. It is baffling how people are afraid of aging when it is a natural progression of life. look at the bright side of things the older people in the world own most of the wealth of the world. They tend to be more content with their lives (add research)

Tip: If you fear getting old look at the positives and not the negatives. Age is a natural progression of life, it shows that you are alive. Also you acquire wisdom with age and have a better appreciation of life.

Fear of Loss of love

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Have you ever found that special someone that you thought was the one. Do you fear them leaving you? why do you feel this way?. We all have a need to feel love and wanted. it makes us feel special. it shows us that we matter. fear distorts this love however.

Do you know someone who is unnaturally clingy with their significant other. what usually happens? yes they usually get dumped. they fear losing their loved one so badly that they stick to them like glue. once again the fear of the loss of love actually causes the loss of love.

Tip: If you find yourself becoming too clingy to your loved one give them a little room to breathe. you are not Siamese twins you are partners and sometimes people need their alone time. if they truly love you they will miss you and will come running to back to you.

Fear of Death

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This is a big one. everybody fears death. However we have no control over when we will die. What we can do is take care of our bodies the best we can and exercise caution in our everyday lives. the fear of death may leave many people so paranoid they become secluded and cut themselves off from the world. This is no way to live. Death is a natural part of life. We were born therefore we are going to die. Sounds morbid but it is necessary to come to terms with the fact that we have no control over death therefore there is no need to worry. live your life to the fullest.

Tip: to overcome the fear of death ask yourself why are you afraid to die? sounds silly I know but ask it. Is it something you feel you have to accomplish before you die? or is it a loved one you don’t want to leave behind. Are you proud of the life you are living? come to terms with the fact that death is natural and worrying about it won’t solve the issue.


these six fears can have crippling effects on our lives. which ones affect you the most? Identify them as they can stifle your success. Share this post if you learnt something valuable,  comment if you have anything to add and subscribe to my blog for more awesome content. Here’s to a world without fears. enjoy your week.

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