5 businesses you can start for less than a 100 dollars

low-cost-businessHi, subscribers hope you are doing well. Today I want to talk about ten businesses you can start today for less than a hundred bucks. Some of these businesses can be started for less than a Starbucks coffee, say what?  Yup, you heard that right.

Now without further ado let’s get to business.


Numero uno on the list is starting a service based business such as freelancing.

Today there are multiple platforms that allow you to perform freelance jobs while they take a small percentage of the payment. Now to be honest this business will only cost you less than a hundred bucks if you already have a laptop and Internet access and electricity.

But let’s get real almost everyone has those things nowadays especially if you are reading this. Here’s a tip when freelancing choose a profitable niche, some services are in high demand such as logo design. You don’t want to be the one offering services like poetry writing,trust me I’ve tried. Your business will be like a desert with tumbleweeds passing through, people will look but will just move on. Besides how many people are reading poetry every day?…… Yeah,  that amount. Learn skills that are in demand.

Also if you wish to get serious about freelance you can find courses online that can help you develop those kickass skills. You can purchase courses from online platforms such as udemy.com and Lynda.com to up your freelance game.

Publishing Business

Let’s move on to another business you can start for less than a hundred dollars. You can publish Kindle books on Amazon, it’s free to sign up and set up and as with freelancing amazon just takes a percentage of the sales from your ebook. There are many misconceptions surrounding publishing ebooks online, first of all, you need to get rid of the illusion that you are are going to just publish a book and it is just automatically going to sell. You have to be realistic. No business just launches a product to the world, they have to market. That is exactly what you need to do.

Let’s take an example if a new movie is coming out they don’t just throw it out there into the world without marketing it first they have to build hype around the movie or it will be lost in the competition.

If you pay attention to movies you will know they have both a production budget and a marketing budget. Remember those trailers you see come out months, sometimes a year before the movie hits theaters? They are making sure that their product is always on your mind or they could lose a potential customer. This is the same strategy you need to use for your business publishing or otherwise.

You may also need to consider that people consume information in different formats today and you can take advantage of this by creating an audiobook or paperback while selling on Amazon. If you are interested in starting an online publishing business you can check out this course called kmoneymastery it teaches step by step all you need to know about Kindle publishing it does cost money to get started but it’s a one-time payment, you do have the option however of upgrading to a monthly subscription.

But if you are strapped for cash you can find videos on YouTube that can give you tips on how to publish on Amazon Kindle though it will take you longer to assimilate the information, good luck.

Social media Management

Let’s move on, business number 3 is social media management. Become a social media manager. There are sooo many social media platforms today and as a business people want to reach as much of them as possible (or at least the most relevant) but it is very time-consuming. Offering your social media management services will help them to focus on their financial business while you manage their social business.

This is very valuable to businesses today because the bulk of people online are either using social media platforms or watching videos on YouTube. Every business wants a piece of that pie. The more eyeballs you can get your business in front of the more business you will get. One of the advantages of social media is also the mobile reach social media is dominating mobile attention.

Becoming a social media manager will mean you have to be very organized and professional. Your clients will most likely be people who want to focus on building their businesses while you build their online presence.

There are various tools you can use in your arsenal one of which is HootSuite. HootSuite is a platform that can be used to manage multiple social media accounts trust me it takes the headache out of things. There is a free version and a paid version. In the free version, you can manage up to 3 social media accounts. If you are looking at becoming a professional social media manager I would suggest taking the paid option, for a monthly fee you can manage more than 50 different types of social media accounts.


The fourth business you can start is a YouTube channel. Sounds crazy huh? There are many people online who have carved out a niche for themselves on YouTube and have found a way to monetize it, effectively turning their passion into a business. People who enjoy your content will subscribe to your channel and you can make money from advertising and also endorsing your own or becoming an affiliate for a product.

You can build a relationship with other online businesses and market different products to your audience. However, ensure it is something you think your audience would find useful. Nobody likes to waste time. You can also offer special discounts and deals to your audience that they would never get anywhere else. Now truthfully you can start a YouTube channel for a small amount of money however if you want to take it seriously you will have to purchase higher quality equipment in the future.

The higher your video quality and the better your content the more views you get which can lead to more money if you know how to handle it. You can also find a niche that’s really popular so you can get a lot of views out the gate but these typically don’t last. I highly recommend purchasing a course that trains you how to go about starting a YouTube business the right way instead of just winging it you are bound to save boatloads of time.

Web design

Finally, you could start a web design company. If you have a laptop and an Internet connection along with a passion for graphic design try starting a website design service oriented business. Today many websites use the WordPress platform which is relatively easy to use. However, some people would rather pay to have their websites done.

There are courses for less than a 100 dollars that  can teach you how to set up a proper WordPress website and have it up and running in no time. You can work out a business plan and offer your services to businesses in your area.

Many local companies may have a problem standing out online. You could start out offering your services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork but at the same time build your own personal brand by having your portfolio on your own website with your contact info and projects you have worked for. It’s like building an online resume.

You can add the clients from Fiverr and Upwork to your portfolio. Based on how you structure your business you can scale up by hiring more web designers. In fact, you can start by just outsourcing website designers for your clients. This way you will be working on your business and not in it which gives you room to pursue more business ventures.

Anyway, that’s all folks. I would really like to know what you think, do you have any more business ideas you can start on a shoestring budget? Let me know in the comments below.

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